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I Guess Its Just Fate - Dedicated to; Yanessa
Story published May 20, 2012 · updated October 10, 2012 · 16 pages · 255 readers · 1,968 reads
Chapter Eight
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Chapter Eight

"And the first time you put your hand in mine
I was wishin' it would last a lifetime

All I want for Christmas is my girl
All I want for Christmas, Christmas is my-"

The director pushed his hair back with his hand.

I was at the video shoot for MB's music video.
'Christmas With My Girl'
I sighed as this was the 3rd time he's stopped us for no reason
"Okay,Okay, you guys are young. Why so tense? Loosen up abit!" He said loud "And you two" He pointed at me and Princeton " Act like its actually Christmas and your excited too be spending it with each other! You look like enemies"
Only if he knew

Its the part where we slide down the hill in the slegy thing.
I sigh as I sit on it.
Princeton sits behind me
My smile instantly appears on my face
We slide down the hill with Princeton's arm around me,when we get too the bottom i kind of fall of so he helps me up and hugs me.
We walk back up the hill smiling as its Ray Ray and Bri's turn.
As soon as I'm no longer in the view of the camera my smile fades
I sigh as I sit down on the logs around the fake fire.
This shoot is annoying.
Princeton's acting like nothing happened when it did.
I cant believe he actually liked me! I cant believe he's mad at me for dating Daniel.Its not like I knew he liked me like that.


-So I know its not the best or longest chapter,but school closes for the summer in 3weeksand I've got loads of end of year tests so I've got too study hard for those because if I get anything below a B My parents won't get me tickets Too Believe(Justin Biebers tour).So just be patient with me♥

Dedication To; Yanessa