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Torn (One Direction Love Story)
Story published May 21, 2012 · updated December 8, 2012 · completed · 191 pages · 147,870 readers · 2,101,516 reads
Chapter One
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Chapter One

Lily's POV


            I heard my favorite voice call out my name and a smile broke out on my face as I burst out running. I dodged through the people walking out of the gate and full on sprinted to where Niall was standing.

                His arms were thankfully open as I leaped into them. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his hands rested on my thighs, supporting my weight. My arms were around his neck and my lips on his before I could even manage a hello. I was instantly thankful that I had decided to use my backpack as my carry on so I didn’t have anything in my hands leaving the plane.

                After kissing him passionately for a few moments, I pulled away just to stare into his beautiful blue eyes. Pictures or video chatting didn’t do them justice. I needed to see them in person to get the full effect. Even though it had been months since I had seen him, getting that full effect of his incredible eyes made every lonely night worth it.

                “I missed you,” I finally said, making him chuckle, before kissing him again, restraining myself a little this time.

                “I missed you so much, beautiful,” He said quietly, making me blush as he kissed me again, this time not holding himself back. After a few seconds I heard a quiet coughing in the background, forcing me to pull away. Glancing over his shoulder and I saw some familiar shapes I hadn’t even bothered to notice before.

                “Hi guys,” I said with an embarrassed smile as Niall gently lowered me to the ground.

                “No, please, don’t be embarrassed, that was quite a show,” Zayn said wiggling his eyebrows at me, causing me to playfully slap him on the arm before being pulled into a bear hug.

                “Hello there, sweetheart,” Liam said with his usual charming smile as I pulled him in for a hug as well.

                “It’s so good to see you guys,” I said as Niall grabbed my hand tightly while we walked towards baggage claim. Liam and Zayn grabbed my two suitcases for me since Niall refused to let go of me. We were soon joined by two of their security guards who flanked us as we headed out of the airport, fighting our way through fans and paparazzi. While I hadn’t expected a quiet arrival in L.A., the amount of attention we were receiving was shocking. Niall pulled me close as we worked our way through the crowds to the car that was waiting for us, even though I know he was even more freaked out than I was.

                As we took off in the car, Niall’s arm still wrapped protectively around me, I reminisced on the past year. Niall and I have been together for almost a year now. We met last June at a bar in London, where I’m currently attending college. Both of us had been skeptical of each other to say the least: Niall that I was just using him for his fame, and me, that he was just going to play me because he was famous. But before long we overcame our doubts, and have never looked back since. Last summer Niall had been in London with Liam and Zayn and I had formed close friendships with them as well. I had met Louis once when he came to visit for a weekend, but I had never met Harry the month and a half that Niall and the others had off that they were around London. Needless to say, things had been hard for us. We would go weeks at a time without seeing each other, Niall making trips back to London to spend a weekend or even just a few hours with me whenever he could. I was also busy with school, as well as working to support myself. Not to mention dealing with all the hate from the fans. While there were plenty of positive comments out there about me, I could find just as many negative ones. Something about being able to read hundreds of posts from complete strangers pointing out all my imperfections made me break down. Luckily, Niall had always been there for me when it became too much to handle. Aside from that first month and a half of dating when he was in London on break, we hadn’t spent more than two weeks straight with each other.

                That was about to change though. It was May and I had just finished my second semester of my second year of college, and I was on summer vacation. I had passed up an internship opportunity at one of my mom’s friend’s businesses to come on tour with Niall, and of course, all of One Direction. They had a huge U.S. arena tour for most of the summer, and for the first time in our relationship, I was going to be there to get to experience all the fans, concerts, signings and daily activities of the world famous boy band. I had never so much as gone to a red carpet event with Niall, let alone spent weeks on tour with him. Although part of me was nervous, I was also extremely excited.

                We pulled up to the hotel where One Direction was staying and once again had to be escorted by security past mobs of fans and flashing cameras. My adrenaline was pounding by the time we got inside. I glanced around, knowing that Niall was anchored to my side, but I didn’t know where Zayn and Liam got to. A few seconds later they came crashing through the front door, part of Zayn’s sleeve missing.

                “Oh my god, are you alright?” I asked Zayn, concerned that he might have been hurt. Zayn, glancing down at his arm, started laughing.

                “Don’t worry, I’ve started buy my clothes in multiples, so if fans ruin one of my favorite shirts I have extras,” Zayn said with a grin.

                “It was my suggestion,” Liam piped in.

                “C’mon, let’s go to the room, Harry and Louis are dying to see you,” Niall said tugging me towards the elevator.

                “He just wants to get you in his room as fast as he can,” Zayn sniggered, earning another hit on the arm from me.

                “Hey, watch it; you know the fans won’t react well if Zayn has a bruise!” Liam said stepping in between us.

                “Some girl cannot give me a bruise!” Zayn protested, although he was still rubbing his arm.

                “Good thing I’m not just some girl,” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

                “Oh, that’s it,” Zayn said, pretending to charge at me as Liam pulled him back. Niall simply rolled his eyes and laughed, pulling me in closer.

                “I am looking forward to getting you alone,” Niall whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I turned to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips and a wink. I couldn’t wait either.

                As the elevator slowly lifted us up to the suite we would all be sharing (although, technically they had booked me a room of my own, there was no way I was spending the night away from Niall) I felt butterflies start to kick up in my stomach. The one time I had met Louis we had both been slightly drunk, and I had no relationship whatsoever with Harry. I knew that all of the guys were important to Niall and he valued that I got along so well with Liam and Zayn. What if I didn’t get along with Louis and Harry? I tried to calm my nerves with a few deep breaths.

                “You okay?” Niall asked, glancing over at me as my grip on his hand tightened.

                I forced a smile and nodded.

                “Don’t worry, they’re going to love you,” He said with a quick kiss on the cheek. Once again, I tried to lower my heart rate as the elevator reached our floor.

Every single breath you take away gives me more life than before…