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This Love. || Okumura Rin Vs. Shima Renzou! ||
Story published May 21, 2012 · updated June 16, 2013 · 70 pages · 10,406 readers · 98,752 reads
Chapter 1: New Kid
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Chapter 1: New Kid Troubles..

"Oi! ___-chaaaan!" Mephisto yelled to you.

"Don't call me that in public." You scoffed. 

"Someone's grumpy today.." He pouted.

You walked down the streets of Japan as Mephisto followed you. It was another day you were hoping you wouldn't do something stupid. In the afternoon you had nothing to do really. You'd never thought of going to school, only because your acting as a boy and your secret would get out faster that way. And besides, Mephisto and Father Fujimoto already knew you were a female. You wore jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt and a big sweater. And hiding your feminine features wasn't as hard. You and Mephisto walked down the streets, until you saw Fujimoto. He was the one who told you a lot about Rin and his brother, Yukio. He helped you with everything, and wants what's best for you, but you hated it.

"___-chaaan~!" Father Fujimoto called out to you.

"Don't call me that, you old geezer!" You scoffed again.

He smiled at you, at pulled you inside. All three of you sat down on chairs as they were smiling it at you. You gave them a weird look as they looked back at you. The other exorcists were also smiling at you along with the two. You sighed and sat back while crossing your arms. The others began walking towards the three of you while smiling. You went wide eyed at this. It was well, weird..You threw your arms up waiting for one of them to say something. Mephisto and Father Fujimoto grabbed each one of your hands while leaning towards you. You quickly pulled away as they looked at you.

"We all want you to join True Cross Academy!" They all yelled.

"I can't afford that." You replied while getting up.

Fujimoto pulled you back down into your chair.

"Let us finish, would ya?" Mephisto sighed. 

"You see, Mephisto is willing to let you get in for free!" Father said to you.

You looked at both of them suspiciously as they smiled, waiting for your answer. You crossed your arms and nodded 'yes' as they smiled even more. They all cheered for you and hugged you. You cracked a smile as they congratulated you. Fujimoto and Mephisto followed you to your small one room apartment and helped you pack your things for the Academy. It only took all three of you about twenty minutes to thirty minutes, because of how little things you had. You blushed as they looked at your clothes. Now, your clothes weren't the best, but they weren't the greatest. They were mostly boy's clothing, but you have one dress your mother had given you before she died. You all carried your stuff out which took you several trips, but as you did, a long pink limo pulled up. 

"What the hell is that?!" You yelled while dropping all the boxes.

"Our ride, silly girl." Mephisto said. 

You sighed, and opened the back. You piled up all your boxes into the back. You hugged Father Fujimoto as Mephisto pushed you into the limo. As you were driving, he looked at you oddly. You looked back at him while returning the odd look. He chuckled at you and he handed you the uniform. The bad part was, it was a girl's. You sighed and threw it back at him. He looked at you curiously and looked at the uniform. You sighed, and took your short wig off. You tied your hair back tightly and put your wig back on as you arrived at the academy. Mephisto cackled at you and handed you the boy uniform. You got dressed inside the car and looked at him as he peeked at you.

"I saw you peeking, pervert." You crossed your arms.

"Well, ___. You look so stunning in a boy's uniform." He said while fixing your collar.

"Yea, yea, whatever floats your boat, weirdo." You looked away blushing.  

You got out of the car and started unpacking your things from the pink limo. Mephisto helped you load your stuff into the school. You kept stumbling, but other than that, you finally made it up to the dorm rooms for the boys. He gave you the key to the dorm. You opened the door to see an empty from with a single bed. You turned around to ask him a question, but he was already gone. You saw a note to all your classes. Your first class was an Exorcist class. 

"Damn.." You whispered. 

You picked up all your boxes and unloaded your stuff from them. By the time you were done, you were already late for your first class. But since you liked the way your room looked, you decided to stay in your room for a while. You inhaled deeply and fell onto your bed, by just as soon as you did, you heard a knock on your door. You smacked your face and got up to see who it was. You opened the door to see the principal, Mr. Mephisto. 

"What do you want?" You sighed while walking to your first class with him.

"You're late for class, ya'know? Don't worry, it's your first time anyways, so I'll let it slide. And you can't call me by my name, you have to call me, 'Mr. Johann Faust'! You can't be late, or you'll be sent to my office, and try not to get in trouble with the other students! You know be careful!-" 

"I get it, damn.." You chuckled.

By the time he was done talking, you had already made it to your first class. He had already disappeared, so you had to enter alone. You were nervous, but you decided to walk in calm. You opened the door to see the teacher. He was young, and handsome. You looked around to see the others. One of them looked exactly like the teacher. 

"Oh, hello. You must be new, I assume?" The teacher asked.

"Yea, so what's up?" You asked with a cocky smirk.

"Well..Nothing really. What's your name?" He asked.

"____ ____, the's name!" You waved. 

"Nice to meet you, My name is Yukio Okumura. You can call me Mr. Okumura." He smiled.

You looked at the girl with long pigtails and slightly purple hair. She was smiling at you as you walked by. You sat in the front alone, but you were besides a desk with a girl and a guy. The girl wore traditional Japanese clothes and the boy was wearing the uniform and had black hair with blue eyes. Just like Mr. Okumura.

"Okay, class! Since we've meet the new student, lets resume class." He said. 

"Look at the new kid, he looks like a girl..But a cute girl?" You heard the one with pink hair say.

"Yea, it's quite odd isn't it?.." You heard the bald headed one.

You snickered and leaned forward, pretending to listen. Well, you were listening, but half the time you were listening to what the others had to say about you. Most of them were nice, except for the one with the streak in his hair and the piercings. He was quite the cocky one, and you thought of him as a hypocrite as to calling you a 'cocky fucker'

"Thanks for the comment. What's your name, and what's with the hair?" You laughed. 

"H-hey! Back off, you're the cockiest person I've ever met, besides Okumura!" He yelled.

"Which one? There's two, ya'know? Are you referring to the teacher?" You leaned back.

"You know! The one sitting over there! Okumura Rin!" He scoffed. 

You walked up to him and slammed your fists on the desk he was sitting at. You glared him in the eyes and squinted at him. You looked at you and got up from his chair.

"Look, Bon. If you wanna die, keep starting shit with me. I'll beat your ass to a pulp." You threatened. 

"Wanna go, ___? I wouldn't mind beating up a weak frail one!" He yelled. 

You jumped over his desk and took him by the tie. You slapped him and shaped your hand into a fist, just until you felt your arms being pulled back. You looked back to see Rin and Yukio holding you back, as The bald and pink haired one held Bon back while smiling politely at you.

"We're terribly sorry! By the way, I'm Renzo, and this is Konekomaru!" They both waved.

You smiled and nodded to them. But just as you did, Bon had slammed his leg against your hip. You yelped out and fell to the ground holding your side. You grinded your teeth together, trying not to scream out in pain. You heard him snicker, as Yukio bent down to see if you were okay. You felt Yukio feel your hips. You blushed, and looked back at him. He gulped at you and slowly lowered his hands. You got back up and growled at him. He smirked at you and had pulled away from both of the two. You sighed at this and began walking away. You didn't want any trouble, and you certainly didn't want anything to do with 'Mr. Johann Faust'.

"I heard what happened to his family, he couldn't even do anything!" You heard him say.

You twitched at this. It wasn't because you couldn't do anything, it was because you didn't know what to do.

"Say whatever you want about me, but don't say anything about my family, you asshole!" You yelled.

You ran towards Bon and pooped him in the jaw. With one hit, he was already out cold with a nose bleed. You wiped the blood from your knuckles as the rest of the class stared at you oddly. You watched as Konekomaru ran to Bon and Renzo followed. You turned back and looked down at your bruised knuckles. You were in pain. Physically and mentally. How did he know? About your family? You thought to yourself. You slightly looked back at the rest of the class as they crowded Bon.

"___-kun, I suggest you turn yourself into the office." Yukio sighed while looking at Bon's wound. 

You nodded and walked out the door towards the office. As you walked through, you saw all the multiple classrooms and how many kids there were. But the worst thing was, how 'Mr. Johann Faust' was gonna punish you for this. You held your head and began to get a headache from all the things running through your head. You stop to see a dead-end that had bold words on the door saying 'Office'. You knocked on the door and opened it to see a bright and colorful office. You saw a abnormally large chair that was faced backwards. You sat down in the chair holding your hip and covering your hand in your pocket. You watched as the chair swung towards you. 

"___-chan, I was expecting you!" He said with a smile. 

"That's not a coincidence.." You said crossing your legs over. 

"Well, I was watching you through class. And I was making up a punishment! Tomorrow your punishment will be dressing like a female! I would love to see you in the female's uniform, 'cause your a girl anyways. I'll also be calling Shiro for what you did. Now, let me see your wounds! And I'll also be seeing Bon. I'm wondering how much you roughed him up!" He said smiling, as always.

You rolled your eyes and began lifting up your shirt, along taking your hand out of your pocket.  You flinched as he touched your wounds around your body. He smirked at your body several times, But you didn't mind at all. He pushed on your hip as you moaned out in pain. He snickered and fixed your shirt.

"You're ever so curvy, for a little boy." He laughed.
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