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This Love. || Okumura Rin Vs. Shima Renzou! ||
Story published May 21, 2012 · updated June 16, 2013 · 70 pages · 10,107 readers · 96,337 reads
Chapter 4: Whose G
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Chapter 4: Whose Girlfriend?...

Now that Renzou knew you were a girl things were more risky, especially with this perv. He couldn't keep things to himself very well. Although, you thought he was beyond a pervert. When you'd sleep, he would try to kiss you. But he already knew that you didn't like him that like, you liked Rin. But you thought you could use it to make him jealous, but you still had to cover up. Only because no one else knew that you were a besides Renzou, or so you thought. He was still asleep, so you decided to quickly get dressed. You began stripping yourself from your clothes and you were about to undo your bra, until you heard someone chuckle. 

"Renzou...You pervert!" You yelled.

"Nya, c'mon don't be like that!" He smirked.

You pulled the covers over his head and got dressed fast. When he peeked out you were already fixing your wig. You wore capri pants and a t-shirt. You walked out of the dorm leaving Renzou behind. You headed to the sinks and brushed your teeth, then you slowly walked to the cafeteria and started eating. You looked over to the tables to see everyone looking at you tiredly. You waved to them and pinned the bangs up of your wig and ate rice and noodles. When you were done you brought it to the sink and washed your dish then left. You went to see Renzo and what he was up to. You opened the door, and you saw him holding up the dress your mother had given you before she died. You grabbed it from his hands and stuffed it back in the closet, under all your other clothing. He was scratching his head and smiling nervously, while you slammed the closet door shut. 

"Don't go through my stuff!" You said crossing your arms.

"I was just exploring!" He said nervously.

You shook your head and walked back to the cafeteria with Renzou following behind you. You sat down in one of the chairs by Konekomaru and Bon as they sat back. You watched Renzou as he walked to the chair across from you and sat down. Rin wiped the sweat from his head and groaned out as he pinned his hair up. It was extremely hot, since it was summer already. Yukio went out for the day, and you were all bored as ever. 

"It's hooot~!" Rin whined while slamming his foot on the floor.

"Go take a cold shower then, baka. You stink anyways." Bon laughed.

"I will, and shutup Bon!" Rin yelled while stomping to the boy's bathroom.

You chuckled and wiped the sweat from your head. You looked around to see everyone sweating and fanning themselves, while sitting back. Most of them had their hair pulled back or pulled up, but it was too hot. Then Konekomaru stood up smiling. 

"Why do we go to the beach?" He said happily.

"Good idea, Konekomaru-kun!" Renzo said smiling. 
"N-no! I can't I -- ..Renzo can I talk to you?" You sighed.

You pulled him out to the hall way and started talking to him.

"I can't go, baka! You know that." You said looking down. 

Renzou whined loudly, but you decided to let him go while you stayed behind. You weren't in the mood, really. But you still were bummed out that you couldn't go. You walked back in with him by your side and he was happy, and you smiled and told them that you couldn't go because you had homework to do. They understood and and began getting ready to go swimming. Twenty minutes later, they left and you stayed in your dorm. Since no one was there, you changed back into your pajamas, and put a bra on instead of the strap. You laid down on your bed and relaxed. You turned to your side and pulled the blankets over yourself, and you thought about your life and what was going on. Until you fell asleep after countless hours of thinking.


When you woke up, you quickly got out of your bed and looked at the clock. It was eight-thirty and it was already dark. You saw Renzou stare at you weirdly, with his hair wet. He took a shower and got dressed..With you in the room. You were thankful you didn't see anything. You pulled him down the hall with you, then he stopped and asked you what you were doing. 

"Wait, why are you pulling me?! What're you doing?!" He asked.

"Look and see if anyone's in the cafeteria." You said yawning.

"No, you do it!" He whined.

"Go, I'll starve!" 

He nodded and walked down to the cafeteria, and you sat on the floor with your legs crossed as you waited to him to come back. You heard someone coming up from the stairs, but you panicked and ran off then hid behind the next hall. Just until you heard that someone calling your name in an annoying voice of tone. You slowly walked out from behind and crossed your arms while walking over to him. He was panting a bit, but he was smiling, so there had to be good news.

"No one is there! I don't know why you couldn't go yourself.." He panted.

"I'm not in my uniform, I'm not wearing my wig, and I'm wearing a bra. Of course, Renzo! I could go down there and they would greet me like normal! Not that I'm dressed as a girl or anything." You said sarcastically.

He smacked himself and you took him with you. You went down the flights of stairs and headed into the kitchen with him, and you began eating and drinking juice from the carton. Just until Renzou screamed and looked at you. You put the juice down and threw your hands up with your mouth full, until he pointed from out of the kitchen to the tables. You looked to where he was pointing to see everyone staring at you. You spit the juice out, and ran out of the cafeteria with Renzo next to you. You smacked him and screamed.

"You told me they weren't there, baka!" You yelled while crossing your arms.

"They weren't before! I don't know where they came from!" He said rubbing his arm where you had hit him. 

"Now what?! What do we tell them? Do I tell them I'm a girl? Renzo do something, baka!" You yelled again while putting your hands up.

Renzou slowly walked back into the kitchen, but with him pulling you. You tried to break free, but every time you tried his grasp got tighter. You decided to stop struggling, because you thought it made you look like a baka. Renzou nervously laughed as everyone stared at you.

"Who's that?" Rin asked.

"W-well! This is my, my..." He froze while thinking.

"Shouldn't you know already?" Bon said.

"S-she's my girlfriend! Yea, that's right. You jealous?" He smirked.

You smacked yourself and fell to the floor. Everyone looked at you curiously as you looked at the ground, until Renzou touched you. Then it hit you, you could make a plan with him to make Rin jealous, and if you did he might start to like you. But you weren't so sure if he did or not, he was always around Shiemi. 

"Oh yea? Prove it!" Izumo yelled.

"N-nani?! F-fine, I will.." Renzo gulped.

Your face sunk lower with disappointing look. But you had to do it, so you quickly got up and grabbed Renzou's face. Your first kiss, to one of your good friends? Well, it wasn't what you were expecting, but anything to make Rin jealous. You looked him straight in the eyes and gulped. Renzo blushed madly while you leaned in. You closed your eyes and slammed your lips onto his, making him moan out. You both started making out, not realizing it. You kissed for more than a minute, and you were both chocking. You stopping kissing him and sucked in a breath of fresh air, but hey. He wasn't that bad. He looked at you surprised and his whole face turned red. You blushed also, at the fact that the boys were going crazy after you both kissed.

"How come you didn't tell us?!" Bon yelled angry.

"B-because, I don't know!" Renzou yelled back, still blushing.

Right when Rin was about to speak, someone interrupted.

"Nyahah, ____-chan! Good show, that was very entertaining!" 
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