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This Love. || Okumura Rin Vs. Shima Renzou! ||
Story published May 21, 2012 · updated June 16, 2013 · 70 pages · 10,385 readers · 98,607 reads
Chapter 5: Confess
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Chapter 5: Confessions..

You had no idea that Mephisto was behind you, watching the whole thing. You turned slightly and slowly to see him still clapping and laughing with the little green hamster by his side, also laughing. 

"Show? What show?" You said nervously.

"You can't hide it forever, ya'know!" He yelled to you.

"Hey! Who's side are you on, mine or Satan's?!" You yelled back.

"Satan?! What are you talking about? What's going on?!" Rin asked.

You looked back to them and gritted your teeth. The secret was slipping slowly and so did everything else. You felt like ripping your hair out and throwing everyone around. Your hands turned into fists as you tried to punch Mephisto. You wanted to knock some sense into the guy, but you disappeared ans smacked the back of your head. You turned your head back while rubbing your head. You walked out of the room, leaving everyone with questions. When you reached the dorm door, you kicked it open and fell back on your bed. You were pissed. End of story. 

"What the hell!"

You yelled slamming your foot into the side of the wall, while still lying down. But since you did that, you regretted it. Your foot was now throbbing and there was a hole in the wall. You took off your shoes and pulled the blankets over yourself. You went to bed thinking about your life and what was happening. Why was everything wrong? You didn't completely understand. And 'Mr. Johann Faust'? you wondered if he was even trying to protect you. When Father died, you weren't sure what was going on. The more you though, the more tired you got. You didn't understand why this was happening, and why it was. Then you drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, you ran to the showers and showered. You quickly ran back to the dorm and got dressed in your male uniform and wig before everyone woke up, then you woke up Renzou. He got dressed, and you both headed out to the cafeteria and saw everyone there. Rin and Bon stared at you as you sat down. You looked at them and drank some juice, but they looked as if they were waiting for something. From you. Your eye twitched as they had their arms crossed; along with their legs, leaning towards you. 

"What do you guys want?" You asked.

"Where were you last night?! Tell us!" Bon demanded.

"And have you met Shima's girlfriend?!" Rin yelled after.

"Of course I have! Shima's girl? We're closer than you think..And where was I last night? Ya'know, well..I-I was around, ya'know! Exploring around the.. er, place." You sighed rubbing your head.

They looked at you curiously and nodded their heads. You were glad they bought it, and you sat down in a chair in relief. But you also noticed Shima looking at you oddly. You glared at him as he smirked back to you. You got shivers and scooted your chair back. Renzou was acting awfully weird, and it was creeping you out. A lot. And after five minutes, you looked back behind you to see Yukio caressing your shoulders with an irritated smile. You jumped from your seat and waved to him nervously, while scratching your head. He looked annoyed by something, or someone, and it looked as if it was your fault. You slowly began to sit, until Yuki pulled the chair and you fell to the floor. You looked up to him and threw your hands up, until he grabbed you by the collar and pulled you from the cafeteria and into the hall.

"You're a female." He interrupted. 

"Shh! I have to keep it a secret, ya'know! I'm hiding from Satan, and it's been working for a couple years now, so I would appreciate it if you would keep it a secret. And Shima already know because he found-"

"How is that keeping a secret? You're suppose to keep it away from everyone and not let anyone know! You're suppose to be sneaky, and sly. But it's against the rules, You have to exchange dorms. Your dorm will now be shared with Shiemi. I'll also be taking away your male uniform, and your consequent will be telling everyone about that 'secret' of yours, and doing chores or any other favors for the rest of the others for a week. Understood? ____-chan?" He said smiling while fixing his glasses. 

You nodded and followed him down the hall. He handed you the female uniform and he quickly took the wig from your head. Your looked back as all your hair flowed out. He touched your healthy glowing hair and smiled at you. You went to the bathroom and changed into the girl uniform then walked out while still trying to fix the bow on the uniform, and soon enough, you gave up. Yuki tied it for you and gave you thumbs up. You punched him softly and laughed. You slowly walked down the hall and fixed your hair. You walked in as everyone watched and as Renzo quickly got up and kissed your cheek.

"H-Hey, baby! What're are you doing?" He went wide eyed.

"I-I'm gonna start going to school here! Y-yea, that's it." You nervously said.

"You know what your suppose to do." Yuki said behind you.

"____? That's the same as ____-kun's name! That's so weird, don't you think?!" Rin said happily.

"You realized that just now? You must be a huge dumbass, ya'know that?" Bon chuckled and smirked.

You sighed loudly, and began explaining to them. You got a few faces from each of them as you talked about it. Bin and Rin had several questions about Satan that you didn't bother to answer. You looked at Renzou, who looked as if he were about to explode laughing his ass off, and you looked over at Rin, who was blushing madly. After you had explained that, you also added that you were dating Shima and that you were both pretending to hide your secret. And, and! You also had to do what anyone wanted for a week. Shima smiled to you and gave you a thumbs up after. Then everyone left, astonished. You walked to Shiemi's dorm, and she was fixing her stuff, and half the room was empty. She had already known that you were moving in with her, so after hours of working, you had all your stuff moved in her room. Shiemi helped you put all your stuff away, then she looked at your clothes.

"Is this all you have? Male clothing?" She asked.

"No! I have a dress..And this uniform." You blushed embarrassed.

"You don't have anything but that? Well, you can borrow some of mine!" She said happily.

"Uh, arigato, Shiemi-chan..But I don't know if I should, I mean I really don't think I could!-"

"I really insist! And just so you know, I have other things besides Kimono's." She giggled.

You were surprised of how nice she was to you. All this time, she was pissing you off and you just didn't like her, but after you got to meet her, she was amazingly nice. You liked her, as a friend, but you didn't want to get too close to her. She smiled at you several times and then handed you some clothes. You thanked her and she hugged you. But now it was getting a little weird. 

Then you decided to go to Renzou's dorm to see what he was doing, and he was moving the stuff around. He looked a bit confused, so you decided to help him. He looked at you surprised as you helped him, but you didn't mind. You moved his stuff around so the room looked fuller. It looked nicer now that it was just his. Afterwords, he thanked you and hugged you for your help but as he did he grabbed your ass softly, making you moan out in surprise. He groaned in your ear slightly, until you back away and playfully punched him. He wasn't acting right, and that was a bit too far for you.

"W-what the hell, Renzou!" You yelled while crossing your arms.

"Ahah, that was nice!" He joked around while laughing loudly. 

You stuck your tounge out at him and left his room. You couldn't believe his did that, but you sort of liked it. Every time it popped in your head, you would smack yourself. You couldn't see what was happening. Now you were confused. Did you Rin? or Renzou? You were confused. But Rin barley talked to you, while Renzou was there for you twenty-four seven non-stop no matter what. You thought about it, but then you also thought, you've been thinking too much. But Rin, Rin never really talked to you. Pretty much all he did was blush at you and you've barley talked. So what was going on? You groaned out loud and smacked yourself mentally.

You got up and ran to the kitchen. You were bored and wanted something to do, until you saw Rin cooking. You slowly walked in and blushed at him, as he blushed back. You waved at him and looked through the fridge, until he stopped you.

"____, I'm almost done cooking so could you wait?" He said mixing the food.

"Uh, yea. Sure, ____ I don't mind." You said and walked out of the kitchen.

So, you had to wait. And you were starving your ass off. You were tired and hungry, but it seemed as if you were tired all the time anyway. You sat at the tables and sat down waiting for the food to be ready. After what felt like hours, you woke up to see Rin in your face. You blushed and he blushed at the same time. You both scooted back and smiled nervously at each other.

"What time is it?" You said yawning.

"It's only been five minutes, and I'm done cooking.." He said.

You smiled cockily as Rin went to go get everyone. You ran to the kitchen and looked at the food Rin cooked. He had cooked beef sukiyaki, and curry with rice. You grabbed a pate and some chopsticks and began eating. You ate some of it, but it wasn't so much that he would notice. You cleaned your dishes, and put them away while wiping your mouth. You turned around and saw Rin up against you glaring.

"Did you just eat some without waiting till everyone came?" He squinted his eyes.

"N-no! I don't know what you're talking about.." You said looking him straight in the eyes.

"You're a good liar, and that was a nice try, but there's some curry on the side of your lip, sweetie." He said.

He wiped his finger over the side of your lip, then licked his finger. You blushed and covered your face. His arms were around you and hugging you softly, as you blushed. You looked up to him and blushed more red, feeling like you were going to faint. He kept hugging you until Renzo came in, and he quickly took his arms off you, pretending to get the soy sauce in the cabinet. 

"Hey guys, what were you doing?" Renzo said.

"N-Nothing. I just got done cooking!" Rin smiled.
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