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One Direction Bromance One-Shots
Story published May 23, 2012 · updated January 12, 2013 · 30 pages · 10,815 readers · 73,815 reads
Comming out- Ziam
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Comming out- Ziam One Shot

"I'm bored and I'm hungry" Niall whined out. 
"There's some Nandos in the fridge Niall" Liam said. Nialls eyes lit up. 
"Help yourself" Liam added. Niall got up and ran into the kitchen. 
"IM COMMING NANDOS!!" he shouted as he disapeared in the doorway. 
"Hes so cute" Louis comented dreamily as his eyes never left the door from which Niall left. 
"Oh just go and snog him" Zayn snapped. See Zayn was jealous of the relashionship Niall and Louis had otherwise known as Nouis. The only reason why was because him and Liam didnt have that kind of relashiotionship. They werent out in the open like there bandmates. Yes Ziam is real but they hadnt come out. 
Louis shrugged his shoulders and went after the blonde with a smile on his face. Zayn gaze turned to face his secret lover. Liam looked down onto his lap, gulping, for he knew the reason to Zayns intense peircing look. He was the reason they were what they were. He didnt feel ready. He was scared.. scared of what the fans would think... scared of how management would react... scared of what his parents would react... how zayns parents would react! It was easy for Niall and Louis because they had made completly obvious that they were in love. It was the complete opposite for Zayn and Liam. 
Harry looked between the two of them. 
"Is something wrong?" he finally asked. The question was destined for Zayn. 
"No no everything is fine... brilliant actually" Zayn gritted to his teeth. Liam cough trying to defuse the tension avoiding Zayns eyes. They were the last thing he wanted to see at the momnent. 
"I'm going upsatairs" Zayn muttered before stomping up the stairs and slamming the door to his and Liams room. 
"Whats got his knickers in a twist" Harry ask Liam. Liam just shrruged knowing fully well what was wrong with Zayn. 
"I'll go and check" he said before going up the stairs and into his room where Zayn was pacing. He closed the door behind him making Zayn look at him.
"When?" Zayn simply asked but it was enough for Liam to know that he should feel nervous. And nervous he was along with scared. He didnt know when he would be. He couldnt just give him a date out of the blue like that.
"I said When?" Zayn repeated his words. Liam gulped.
"I dont know" he replied.
"You dont know??!! Liam James Payne its a been a year! A whole blody sticking year! Will you ever be ready? I dont want to hide anymore Liam I want to be able to hol you and kiss you without having to worry about being caught. I want people to know that I love and that you love me too. Dont you want that as well?" he implored.
"I do" Liam whispered.
"Then whats the problem" Zayn asked flabergasted by that answer.
"I dont know" Liam stammered bringing his head down in shame.
"You dont-" but the bad boy ;) cut himself off. He sigh and lay down on the bed turning his back to liam as he lay down on his side.
"Zayn?" Liam asked. He got no reply.
"Zayn?" he tried again but not a word from the brown haired beauty.
"Liam I stood there  while you went threw everything that you had trouble with. I helped you and all that. Couldnt you just do this one thing for me?" Zayn asked. Liam stayed silent as his tears fell down from his cheek to the floor. He stood there as Zayn fell asleep. When Zayn was he went to lay down next to him and as he did he wrapped his arms around Zayns waist. 
"I love you Zayn" he sighed before kissing the boys neck and he himself falling asleep. 


When Liam woke up the next morning, Zayn was not next to him. He frowned as he remember the previous night. Just then Niall came into the room. 
"Good your up. Get ready we have an interview" he said and before he could leave Liam called out to him. 
"Niall could I ask you something" Liam wondered. 
"Sure" Niall replied. He sat on the edge of the bed facing Liam. "Whats up" he added. 
"Was it hard... comming out about you and Louis?" Liam saked Niall. 
"Well yes it was but in the end it was worth it. I mean me and Louis are happy now right?" Niall confessed to Liam who nodded. 
"What ever this is about mate just know everything is easier once its out. Its no good to hide something in for too long. Itll hurt you and the people involved" Niall said wisely. 
"Thanks Nialler" Liam smiled at the ounger boy. 
"Anytime Liam... now get ready. We got to go we got to go" Nialls said before running out. Liam laughed as he got out of bed. He put on Zayn favorite plaid shirt and jeans with some converses. He walked down stairs to see the boys ready to leave. He followed them into the car. Once they had arrived to the studio they waited backstage to get called up. 

"Ladies and gentle men the band youve all been waiting for ONE DIRECTION" Alan Carr shouted. The boys went down and sat down. 

"So boys you've been asked before but we have to be kept updated you is single and who is not?" Alan asked the boys. "Lets start with the youngest" 
"I am single" Harry said to Alan. The girls in the crowd cheered. Harry winked at them. 
"Niall?" Alan asked.
"I'm currently in a relashionship with Louis and I intend to keep it that way" he replied. Louis who was sitting next to hom gave him a quick peck on the cheek making blush and smile widely. 
"Awww its adorable" Alan squealed making the boys laugh. 
"Liam your turn" Liam coughed nervously. 
"I'm not single anymore" he annouced making Zayn look at him for the first time that day and everybody look at him shocked. 
"Really since when?" Harry asked. 
"You mean to say you guys werent aware of this?" Alan asked. 
"No I mean he never told us... so whos the speacial Lady" Louis teased. 
"Speacial boy" Liam corrected. Making the audience gasp and Alan jump in his chair. 
"Draaaama" he sang. "Give us a Name" he urged. 
"Zayn... Zayn Malik" Liam said. Zayn smiled and kissed his boyfriend.