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One Direction Bromance One-Shots
Story published May 23, 2012 · updated January 12, 2013 · 30 pages · 10,815 readers · 73,815 reads
Druken Words- Lilo
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Druken Words- Lilo One Shot

Louis POV. 
PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Us lads were at a club and we were having fun dancing. Well I hadnt really seen the others we were all in different parts of the club.  As I walked around I saw Liam dancing with a girl. She was grinding on him and he was smiling. My heart broke. I had the biggest crush on Liam. I saw the bar and smiled. I was gonna dorwn my sorrows in alcool. 
Liams POV. 
I left the girl after that dance. I was too shy to tell her I was gayso I just smiled thinking it funny how hard she was trying. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 1 o'clock in the morn. I should go round up the boys. I found Harry first in the middle of the dance floor. 
"Harry mate, come one lets go" I shouted over the music. 
"HI LIAM!!" he replied obviously drunk. I sigh. 
"Harry come one you know Jen is waiting for you back home" I lied inventing a girl. 
"Whos Jen? Is she fit" he asked me now interested. 
"Very now go in the car" I said motionning to the door. He grinned a he made his way out. I pray he found his way to the car as I saw Niall and Zayn chugging beer in the bathroom. 
"Hey blondie dont I look handsome" Zayn said looking into the mirorr. Niall ignored him and picked up a bar of soap. 
"Do you think its edible" he said before taking yet another swing of beer. Zayn laughed and laughed letting his botle fall to the ground. I knew just the way to get them to the car. 
"Niall Zayn mates, did I tell you whats in the car" I asked them entering the bathroom. THey turned to me, Niall taking a second swing of beer. He burped. 
"No" Niall replied. 
"There is wonderful miror and Nandos chicken" I lied using a mystical voice. There eyes widenned as they left the building in a hurry. I smiled smugly. 3 down one to go. I went to the bar only to find Louis there... drunk. I could smell the alcool on him from 3meters away. I sigh and touched his shoulder. He spun around alarmed but smiled birghtly when he saw me. 
"LIAM MATE COME JOIN ME" he shouted over the music. I shook my head. 
"We have to go Louis" He pouted but still followed me. As we walked to the car with Louis behind me he started to walk a little faster until he reached me. 
"You want to know a secret Liam" he slurred. 
"Sure why not" I said. 
"You're the pretiest boy I have ever seen and I really really am in love with.... CARROTS" he said shouting as he started to run to the car. My heart dropped. Here I was thinking he could be teelingme he loved me. 


I had already put Niall, Harry and Zayn in their on bed now all thats left is Louis. I went back to the car to see Louis sleeping. I smiled at how cute he looked. I openned the car door and let him fall in my arms. I drug him to his room and as I set him down on his bed he drug me with him. 
"I lied Liam" he whispered he said hugging my neck tightly. 
"Bout what Louis" I asked him. 
"When we was talking I didnt want to say carrots I wanted to say you but I couldnt but now I dont care because I love you Lili and you smell really cool"he said sleepily laughing a little after. I sigh and shook my head. 
"Louis you're drunk and you wouldnt be saying this is you werent" I said as tears dwelled in my eyes. It hurt knowing that all this were just druken words to him while they ment the world to me. 
"I'll tell you something Liam, if you kisse me now and I remember than I would not have been lying" he said taking a pause. I looked at him expectingly. 
"and if I dont then I will surely have been lying" he slurred once more. I sigh and shook my head. 
"I dont think" but I was cut of by Louis soft lips on mine. I couldnt hlep but kiss back. It got more and more heated as he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I pulled back for air and looked at him. 
"Get some sleep Lou" I said before kissing his forehead and leaving the room. I really hop he remembers this.  


The next morning I was cooking breakfast when I felt arms around my waist. 
"I dont remember much from last night but I could never forget a kiss like that" Louis voice rang threw my ear. I turned around to face Louis. He smiled brushing my hair out of my face. 
"Morning handsome" he said before crahsing his lips to mine. All I could think was: Thank you alchool for making Louis drunk because otherwise I would not be kissing this little piece of sexy perfection.