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One Direction Bromance One-Shots
Story published May 23, 2012 · updated January 12, 2013 · 30 pages · 10,800 readers · 73,689 reads
"I'm sorry Ni
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"I'm sorry Niall"- Nouis One Shot


3rd persons POV. 

"I would sacrifice Niall" Louis said seriously as he answered the fans question. Nialls smile faltered a bit as he heard his boyfriends words. His heart dropped. I mean hearing that come from the you love the most would hurt the strongest of people. All the others knew that what Louis had said was the wrong thing to say and as Louis looked up into Nialls eyes he saw it too. Of course to Louis it had been a joke but he realisedd that this was to much of hurtful thing to say for it to be taken lightly. They continued on with the video diary but you could sens the tension in the room. Once the camera was closed Niall left the room without saying one word. Louis watched as Niall left the room. He felt so bad so guilty. He sigh. 
"You messed up mate" Zayn said putting a hand on his shoulder. Louis shrugged it off and put his head in his hands. 
"What am I gonna do" he whispered. 
"Well dont just sit there! Go after him Lou" Liam urged. Louis nodded and got up getting out of the room. Louis herd some faint sobs on his right and he followed to sound which landed him to Nialls dressing room. He pressed his ear to the door and sigh as he herd his boyfriend sob. He knocked softly on the door. 
"Niall" he asked softly. In the room Niall heard his voice the voice he loved oh so much but he didnt want to talk to him. He felt betrayed. 
"Niall please" Louis begged. Getting no answer Louis openned the door and saw Niall crying in the corner. He looked so vunerable and sad. Louis eyes filled with tears. He had done this to him. He caused this. 
"Nialler" he breathed before trying to hug him. But Niall hoved him off. 
"Niall please I'm sorry" Louis said softly. 
"I'm sorry! is that all yo have to say for your self" Niall aked getting up and wipping away a few of his tears. 
"Niall please I didnt mean it... I love you" Louis tried to reason. 
"IF YOU LOVED ME THOSE WORDS WOULDNT HAVE CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH THEY WOULDNT EVEN HAVE CROSEED YOUR MIND. IF YOU LOVED ME WE WOULDNT BE HERE NOW" Niall shouted his voice cracking. Louis had never seen Niall like this. So vunerable yet so mad. Niall was not the type of person to shout at somebody unless it involved food. Louis silent made Nial feel like Louis didnt love him anymore. If he had loved him he would have stood up for there love no? He would have contridicted Nialls previous statement. As his lover ran away crying, Louis closed his eyes letting the tears fall. He was such a horrible boyfriend, he was such a horrible person. He had hurt the one he loved... he had lost the one he cared most about. Falling to his knees Louis sobbed quietly.  

Louis went home to his and Nialls flat to find that Niall wasnt there. His stuff still was there but no sight of the beauty with blue eyes. He left the flat and went to knock on Zayn door. Zayn openned the door and sigh as he saw Louis. 
"I'm sorry mate I dont know where he is" Zayn told him. He nodded before Zayn closed the door. He went to Harry's flat which was Nialls old flat. Harry gave him the same answer and a hug. Louis then rushed to Liam's flat. Once Liam had openned the door, Louis saw Niall sleeping on his couch with tears on his face. Liam sigh and walked outside of his flat closing the door behind him. 
"Louis... I think you should stay away for a bit" Liam suggested thinking about what Niall had said previously. "I never want to see him again" 
"What...  how could you say that if I do so he'll think its because I dont care" Louis responded. 
"Lou he's not ready yet you broke his heart-" but Louis cut him off. 
"And mine broke with his. Dont you see that! Niall is my world. I would rather have nothing but still be with Niall then have every thing, every carrot in this world at my dispotition. I would rather be dead but be with Niall before I actually was then be alive and alone. With out him I am nothing. With out Niall, I'm just a boy with suspenders and toms" Louis said. Liam sigh. 
"Just give him some time" Liam said before disapearing back into his flat. Louis punched the wall in frustration leaving a big hole as he stormed back to his flat. Liam smiled slightly once he saw Niall. 
"I know you're not sleeping Niall" he said to the blonde. Niall slowly openned his eyes and sat up bringing his knees to his chest. Liam sat next  to him and they stayed silent for a moment. 
"Do you think he meant it" Niall asked talking about the conversation that had happened outside. 
"I think he did Niall but look Louis is a very wild spirit Ni, sometimes he sais things or does things that should be done or said but you know that his intentions werent harmful. You know he loves you Niall and I think you should maybe talk to him" Liam reasonned. Niall looked up into Liams eyes and nodded. He got up and gave Liam a hug before heading back to his and Lou's flat. Once he got in, he went straight to the bedroom. On the bed, Louis was hugging Nialls favortie hoddie, crying into it. 
"I'm so sorry Niall. I'm soo soo sorry. I love you Niall I love you I love you please dont go dont please" Louis kept saying into the shirt not aware that Niall was watching him. 
"Lou-Lou" Niall spoke making Louis aware of his presence. Louis got out form the bed and rushed in front of Niall. He placed a hand on Nialls cheek. 
"Is it really you" he asked making Niall smile. 
"Yes it me" Niall replied. Louis hugged Niall who hugged back. They just sood there hugging. Niall pulled away only just a bit to see Louis face. 
"Can we just forget this ever happened" he asked Louis who nodded and pressed his lips to Nialls. Niall smiled into the kiss. Louis might do the wrong thing at times but no matter what Niall would always love the carrot loving boy.