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Story published May 24, 2012 · updated January 29, 2013 · completed · 36 pages · 1,484 readers · 13,763 reads
Chapter 18
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Chapter 18

"URGH! He said he wanted to fight me, but then, he doesn't show! What is up with him?" Korra yelled, fire coming out of her clenched fists. She was getting aggravated with Amon's games. Just exactly who does he think he is to trick me into this? ho is the real Amon? she thought, helplessly.
Mako placed his hand on her shoulder and said," Calm down. We'll get him next time for sure."
Korra shook her head. "Get your hand off of me. My anger is partly toward you too!"
Mako sighed. "It was an accident! I didn't want to kiss her! Just think of it as a goodbye kiss, okay? I want to be with you!"
"Save the sweet talk for later. This battle is way to important for the sake of Republic City," Korra said, as she grabbed Mako's arm to haul him off the island. Time for the real battle to begin.

**Skip, since you guys know what happens**
"You really are a terrible father," Asami said, as she trapped her father in the shock wire. She stared, eyes watering at the man she dare call father. He doesn't even love mom anymore. He just wants revenge against them, she thought, tears spilling out of her eyes. 
Quickly, she wiped them away and headed out of the machine toward Bolin. "Thanks, again, Bolin. I couldn't have done it without you." She felt warmth in her chest as Bolin smiled and took her hand lightly. 
"No problem, Asami! I'll be there to help you!" He cheered, happily, and brought her out of the warm, stuffy, machine confinement. 
Then, a croak came from behind them, to end their perfect moment. "A-A-Asam-m-mi, you c-c-can't just le-leave me here. I-I-I'm your fat-father!" he managed to sputter out.
Asami stopped and stared ahead of her. "You're not my father anymore. You may be biologically related to me, but you don't love me as you used to. You love revenge more than your own daughter." With those words said, Bolin picked Asami's father up and together, they brought him to further punishment.

Iroh wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he landed not-so-gently on the ground. "Geez, that was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I'm all alone now, aren't I?" 
He headed off to who-knows-where and saw himself in front of where they made the machines. He was met with a happy couple and a guy who seemed to be tied up and trying to get out of the ties. Each time, however, he kept getting shocked. Iroh smiled at the sight and caught up with them. "You guys okay?"
Asami, whose cheeks were wet, nodded, silently.
"Yeah, Capta-I mean, General Iroh! How did that airplane stuff go? I saw part of it and it was awesome! You were like,' Pew! Pew! Pew! I'm going to shoot you down with fire, brah!" Bolin said, rambling on and jumping, causing the old man to grunt in response to the boy's immaturity. "That was so awesome! I wish I was you! You are the son of Zuko or grandson, or something, but anyway, that was so totally cool!"
All Iroh could do was crack a small smile. "He's my grandfather. You sure are excited over that stuff, aren't you? Interested in violence?"
"Not really, but I'm a pro-bender. I don't like seeing people hurt, but when they deserve it, I'm totally fine with it." Boling shrugged and placed Asami's father onto Naga. Then, the other three climbed on and they set off.

"-And I figured out that I love you Korra. I love you so much more than I thought I did," Mako said, his thumb on her cheek. He gently rubbed her cheek and looked into her blue eyes. He smiled softly, despite the tension in the air.
Korra shook her head and climbed on Naga before running off. 
"Give her some time. It'll take time for her to embrace it," Tenzin said, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder.
Mako sighed. "I just can't imagine how upset she must be." He looked down at the ground, thinking that it was his fault he couldn't save her before Amon took her bending. 
"Let's go back inside. It's getting colder than what we're used to," Tenzin said, easing the tension clear on Mako's face. He led him into the warm confines of the treatment place.
Iroh looked at the distressed boy only a year younger than him. "Ran off, didn't she?"
All Mako could do was nod and sit down, staring off into space. He rested his head in his palms and sighed sadly. How come he couldn't be a happy couple like his brother and Asami? How come he had to take forever in realizing he loved Korra much more than what he thought? Why did he have to kiss Asami back?
The door swung open several moments later and a glowing Korra appeared. She smiled softly at everyone and without a word, she led them all out. 
Korra looked at Lin BeiFong and motioned her forward onto the ice stage. "Come on, BeiFong, I won't bite."
BeiFong raised an eyebrow and stood in front of the crazed avatar. "What are you doing?" she asked, suspiciously.
Suddenly, a smile appeared on Katara's face as she realized what was going on. She watched as Lin kneeled on the ground and Korra placed her thumb on the older woman's forehead. Her eyes turned a bright white and she then restored her bending. 
Lin stood up after the process and proceeded to lift the rocks with a few hand motions. "Thank you, avatar, I am truly grateful."
Korra nodded. "No problem, BeiFong. I'll help out your guards too."
"I really appreciate this."
Korra smiled softly. "No need. You've done so much to help me out. Now, it was my turn to help you in return."
The others smiled as they watched the exhange and soon everyone who had lost their bending recieved it again. 
Korra turned to Mako and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you too," she whispered, causing him to grin. 
"I'm happy to hear that."

Do not fret! This is not the end! There is more to come! I might put the rest of the story into a sequel and as soon as I come up with a name, I will put the link up! Thank you all for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own The Legend of Korra or its characters.