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Hetalia x reader! Thank Goodness.
Story published May 25, 2012 · updated November 2, 2012 · 23 pages · 10,124 readers · 87,445 reads
Halloween (Romano)
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Halloween (Romano)

    Thank Goodness for: Halloween.

Romano pushed you against the wall, immediately attacking your neck, biting gently and licking down to your lingerie clad chest. It was Halloween, and you took that special day of the year as a blessing to dress up like a slut. You currently wore the attire of a playboy bunny, ears and the fluffy tail included.

    While Romano was an old Grandma. Very sexy, yes.

     His lips met yours forcefully and your tongues danced for dominance. Heat pooled in your abdomen, you need him now. You grinded your hips against his in a sign of 'get on with it' 

     The Italian pulled away and smiled sultrily, his arms on either side of you, leaning on the wall. "Eager, huh?"

      "Yeah, well I've never been this attracted to a man in a dress before."

      Romano, was not, in fact, thankful for Halloween, that is, until he looked down at the ripped, black stockings framing every curve of your leg. 

     Maybe, just maybe, he could be a little grateful.
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