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A Mindless Story ( A Mindless Behavior love story)
Story published May 27, 2012 · updated June 3, 2012 · 4 pages · 100 readers · 435 reads
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 Howdy! Hey I'm Ashley a.k.a Bubblez !
I'm 12 years old but  i'll be 13 next week YAY!!!
Okay so um I'm really trying to find something to say but I'm in this group named Ivy4 with my two friends well sisters Alexis (baby boo) Grant and Jazzmin (cupcake) Funderburk!! we've been this siging thing since like llast year and we have really grown to love each so I really hope we start to get our music up! So all of us will keep ya'll updated on that ♥.

Love Ya'll ♥