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We Found Love In A Hopeless Place //Anime boys one-shots//
Story published May 31, 2012 · updated July 6, 2012 · 22 pages · 5,258 readers · 37,107 reads
Kaname Kuran~reque
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Kaname Kuran~requested~

                                                                                Kaname's P.O.V.


        I have always had a 'thing' for her but Takuma said all boys feel that way towards girls. But the name of the feeling is what had me on pins and needles. A simple word that made my heart flutter was all that I needed to say to _____ ______. The 3 most hardest words to tell a girl, especially if your not sure how they feel about you. 'I.Love.You.'. 
        I walked to the band room, knowing no one was around, I began to play a song that I had made for _____ every time I thought of her. Every note represented my love for her. Music was the only way to express emotion instead of just using words..... As I played I mumbled a few words. "If only I could tell you how I feel using words ______... Maybe it would be a lot easier than just playing a pathetic song like this..." A gasp made me jump off my seat and land on my back. A girl with flowing (h/c) hair offered me her hand, that I gladly excepted, and pulled me to my feet. She hugged me and said, "Thank you for that lovely song, Kaname-sempai. I admire the fine arts such as the piano and that song was simply marvelous!.... And... I-" I cut her off with a kiss on her cheek. Her eyes, oh her (e/c) eyes made me blush as I stroked her cheek. "I love you, _______...... Please, never forget that." I smiled and kissed her again, except on the lips this time. She blushed but melted into it. Was I kissing her right? I've never kissed a girl before and I don't want her to think I'm a terrible kisser! She giggled seeing how I was reacting and she pulled away, lacing our fingers together with a small smile. "I love you Kaname-sempai/_____-chan."