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Hi I'm new (A Glee Fanfiction)- (ON HOLD)
Story published June 2, 2012 · updated July 29, 2012 · 14 pages · 2,075 readers · 9,275 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

        I walk into the glee room.         All eyes are on me.
I see Blaine sitting in the back row, talking to Kurt.
He's a  really nice guy. I'm glad Blaine has him.
Blaine gets up and walks over to me, Kurt coming with him.
"Hey! Hows my little sister!" Blaine asks me and gives me a hug.
"I'm good. How are you guys?" I ask them.
"I'm great!" Blaine says.
"Good." says Kurt. "How's your first day?" 
"It's great! Do you think i'll be accepted into Glee Club?" I ask not sure if everyone will like me.
"Yes. You are amazing Ash." Blaine says
"I'll take his word for it. Cuz, I've never heard you before." Kurt says.
"Everyone sit down!" Mr. Schue says coming into the room. 
I go and sit in the back next to Blaine and Kurt.
"Today we have a new addition. Her name is Ashleigh." Mr. Schue says. "Why don't you come on up here and tell us about yourself?" 
I walk up to the front of the class.
"Hey there." I say shakily. "My name is Ashleigh Anderson. I'm Blaine's little sister. And I transferred here from Dalton."
"Wait. You transferred from Dalton? Dalton is an all boy's school." A boy sitting in a wheel chair asks. I know his name: Artie.
"Yes. Artie. I was the exception. Since Blaine went there, I automatically got a scholarship, even if I was a girl."
"How do you know my name?" Artie asks me.
"I know all your names." And then I said them all one by one: "You're Tina, Mike, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Noah, or as you like it, Puck, Sam, Rory, Joe, and last year, Lauren was in the group."
"Wow." was the overall answer from the group.
"I know all your names because of Blaine and Kurt. They talk about you guys all the time." I say with a smile.
"Do you know my name?" I hear from the door of the room. 
I don't even turn around. "Hello Sue. How are you?" 
"Impressive." She says. "How would you like to be on the cherrios?" She asks me.
"I'm good. I'm not much of an athlete." I say turning to see her. She's in her usual red suit. 
"Oh, that sucks." She says, and turns to Mr. Schue "Will, your hair-" 
"Is lovely." I say cutting her off.
"Excuse me?" Sue say looking at me and so does Mr. Schue.
"I like his hair. It's nice." I say with a smile.
"Ashleigh, you are no longer a friend of mine." Sue says.
"Well, that's fine. I've heard of your pranks that you do on the kids here. and let me tell you. I can do so much better." I say with a smile. There was a gasp from the room.
"Oh it's on Ashleigh Anderson." Sue says and storms out the room. I just shrug and look back to Mr. Schue.
"Do I need to sing a song, so you guys know what your getting?" I ask.
"That would be nice. But Ashleigh, you don't know what your getting yourself into with Sue." Mr. Schue says looking at me with worry.
"Oh yes I do. I'm a great prankster." I say, looking to Blaine for help.
"Oh yeah. She can. I've only heard stories of she did to the boys who pissed her off at Dalton. If anyone can get Sue, it's Ashleigh." Blaine says, and I just smile.
I look at the Brad sitting at the Piano. I nod my head and he starts "Get it Right" as i introduced the song.
"Today I will be singing "Get it Right" by our very own Rachel Berry." I say and everyone looks at her.
I start the song and everyone looks at me with astonished faces.
I finish the song and Rachel gets up and leaves the room about to cry.
"What did i do?" I say. I never wanted this to happen.
"You were better than her." Santana says, a smile forming on her face.
"Thanks, but, I..." I say. I don't know what to do.
Rachel comes back in and says "Mr. Schue, she cannot join Glee Club."

Thanks for reading. Please comment. I love feedback. Thanks :)