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How to Annoy Black Butler Characters
Story published June 2, 2012 · updated December 29, 2013 · 10 pages · 7,491 readers · 50,111 reads
The Undertaker
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The Undertaker

 Ways to Annoy the Undertaker:


  1. Steal his hat and coat.  Pretend to be him by giggling and say in a feminine tone, “I’m the Undertaker and I love to party with dead people!” 


  1. Poke him.  Constantly. 


  1. Get a recorder.  Record him laughing.  Everytime he tries to speak, interrupt him by playing the recorder with a poker face.


  1. Draw a mustache on his face.


  1. Blame it on Grell.


  1. Ask him if he could demonstrate being in a coffin.  If he says yes, lock him up quickly and send him to Antarctica.


  1. Tell him William is the best shinigami ever.  If he asks why say because he has a bigger ‘death scythe’ than him.


  1. If he asks what you mean, tell him William can explain since he was the first person to come up with the second meaning behind the word, ‘death scythe.’ xD


  1. As he storms off, don’t forget to mention that Grell’s ‘death scythe’ is bigger than his and William’s combined. xD


  1. While he’s doing that, replace his biscuits with Pluto’s dog treats.


  1.  Give his shop a complete make over.  Decorate it with pink ribbons, banners that say, “GO LIFE,” and even put clothing on his mannequins. 


  1. Stick Grell in one of his coffins as a surprise. 


  1. Ask him if you’re invited to his and Lau’s wedding.


  1. Put glitter and stickers on his actual death scythe.  (Not the one William came up with. xD)


  1. Invite him to Ciel’s baby shower. (I’ll explain later) 
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