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In Front Of You(A Jeremy Gilbert Love Story)
Story published June 3, 2012 · updated 4 months ago · 218 pages · 5,792 readers · 71,803 reads
The Killer
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The Killer

Connor has Jeremy,Matt,and April hostage at the Grill
"Sit down!Sit down!Gilbert give me your cellphone."
Jeremy reaches for his cell phone in his pocket"You can at least let April go,she doesnt have anything to do with this"
"She has everything to do with this.Her and her father, plus she and I have history.
"What are you talking about,i have never seen you before in my life."
"Look you kids need to get some vervain, and don't just wear it as bracelet, where anybody can just take it off,maybe then you'll remember our conversation at the hybrid's yesterday."
"Our conversation? Are you saying someone compelled me?
"Will someone please tell me what his talking about?"April says
"If you know so much, then you know our friends are going to come for us."Matt says
"Oh yea...I'm counting on it, every vampire that comes for you,is anotherI get to kill.Now who should I text first?Damon Salvatore? his brother Stefan? Tyler Lockwood?Your girlfriend?No all the above."He sends the text and then smashes Jeremy's phone with a knife
Damon is pacing and talking,Elena is sitting on a couch listening,Krista is next to brother listening too.They are coming up with a plan against the hunter
"So we each take a different entranc'e, hit him at the same time."
Stefan works in,Elena gets up to hug him"Stefan!
"Where the hell have you been?"Damon says
"Coming up with a plan."
"Yeah,we have a plan.The plan is I'm going to rip Connor's heart out and feed it to him."
"That's not a plan. We need to be careful,Connor has Jeremy and who knows how many other hostages.
"Hence,the open heart surgery."
"Damon's right"Elena says"Connor is strong but his not going to be able to take on all of us."
"I called in the hybrid's to help too."Tyler says
Caroline comes in"My mom put squad cars blocking the streets,their saying it's a faulty gas line we are good to go."
"Good!Great!No cops,no witnesses,no reason to wait around."Damon says
"Alright hold on, you not all going."Stefan says
"He shot me like nine times.if we're killing him,I want in."Tyler says
"He's got Jeremy,I'm going"Krista says 
"Listen, nobody is going anywhere until I figure out what we're walking into."
"Until you figure it out?"Krista says walking closer to Stefan,but Tyler put his hand on her shoulder to stop her."Is that where you've been all morning...out buying bossy pants?"
"This guy is know for setting traps right?We'll be pretty dumb walking into one especially if he has werewolf venom."
"Does he?"Elena asks
"He's had it before."
"Fine."Krista says"Fine.You wanna take some time to do recon,you get one hour.But we are going to need some extra help,so where the hell is the wicked witch of the west."
"She can't do magic."Caroline says
"Really!Well call her,tell her Jeremy's life is in danger,maybe that will bring her out of retirement."Krista walks out.
Everyone looks at Tyler.He sighs"I'll go talk to her."Tyler goes up to his sisters room.She's sitting on her bed.He sits next her.
She looks at him"I'm sorry I blew up on him.It's just-"
"I know.It's Jeremy.I know how you feel about him.I feel it with Caroline"
"If anything happens to him-"
"Nothing will happen to him.I promis,sis."
"He is the only thing holding me together."
"The thing is.Connor doesn't know you're a vampire.Don't risk getting exposed."
Elena is up in Alaric’s loft,she looks through the blinds at Stefan who is hanging up his phone.Damon is combing through a chest of drawers and takes out some vervain darts and a mini crossbow.
"Who was he talking to?"Elena asks
"Bonnie,hopefully.Maybe she decided to make herself useful again."Krista says
Damon takes out a large map and spreads it on a table.Elena walks over to him.
"What is that?"
"It’s our way in. Courtesy of Alaric Saltzman’s interest in the Mystic Falls Underground Railroad."
"The tunnels, like the ones in the Lockwood cellar."
Damon takes a picture of the map with his phone."Yep."Damon put his phone away. Elena’s phone starts to ring. She answers it and puts it on speakerphone.
"What did you find out?"
"I can only make out the voices."
"How many hostages?"
"Three. But Elena, it’s Matt and April Young."
"Those two idiots, they’re like danger magnets."Krista says
"We have to get them out of there."
"I just need a little more time."
"Well, the clock’s ticking, brother."Damon says

"You know, I could do without the colored commentary."Stefan hangs up.
"I’m going in these tunnels."Elena starts to walk off, but Damon grabs her by the wrist.
"No, you’re not. This guy doesn’t know that you’re a vampire, let’s keep it that way."
"Well, maybe that’s it. I can offer to trade myself in exchange for the hostages."She tries to leave again, but Damon doesn’t let her go.
"No. Best case scenario is now you’re a hostage. Worst case scenario: he figures you out, kills you on the spot."
Elena releases her wrist from his grasp."Stop treating me like I can’t handle myself. Alaric trained me and I’ve been practicing with Stefan."Elena walks towards the door.
"So what? Now you’re gonna take on a professional killer?"Elena turns and looks at him. Damon rushes and grabs the crossbow off the bed. He points it at Elena.
"Bang. You’re dead. Now what?"Elena rushes at Damon and knocks the crossbow out of his hand. She grabs it and straddles him on the bed. She points the crossbow at his heart.
"Head shots no good, it has to be the heart. So, now you’re dead."
Damon smiles."For someone who doesn’t want to be like me, you sure are good at it."He pushes Elena’s hands away, so that the crossbow is no longer pointing at his chest.
"My brother is the only thing that’s holding me together right now, Damon. If anything happens to him…"
"We’ll get him out. I promise."
Later on:
Elena pulls the blinds apart from the window again and looks down at the Grill.Damon walks over to her.
"Stefan is on his way. This will be over soon."
"Will it?I mean, haven’t we already been here before with Jeremy? Isn’t this why we sent him to Denver?"
"Well,we’ll get him out of this and we’ll compel him down to the Bahamas. Maybe he’ll find an island girl."Krista gives Damon a look.Stefan enters the loft.
"Did you find the tunnel map?"
"Got it. It was in his weapons drawer with seven stakes, some weird MacGyver crossbow, and the last remaining vervain in Mystic Falls, so how about we get this party started."
"Not yet. Klaus is sending one of his men. He’ll take the front, you and I can take the tunnels."
"Since when did we team up with Klaus and the Lollipop Guild?"Krista asks
"Well, I already told you, Connor has werewolf venom. We need someone to draw his fire, the hybrids are immune to it so they’re our best bets."
"Well, how are you sure that he even has werewolf venom? Why is Klaus involved, Stefan?"Damon asks
Stefan turns around and picks up a vervain dart."Stop being paranoid, Damon."
"Start telling the truth, Stefan. Why is Klaus involved? Did he compel you?"
"I am telling you the truth. This is the best way to get everyone out."
"Okay, what is with you two? We’re wasting time."Krista says
"You know what, she’s right. Screw your plan. I’ll kill Connor myself."Damon and Elena start to walk towards the door. Stefan rushes at Damon and stabs him in the back with the vervain dart.
"Stefan!"Elena yells.Damon starts to fade away. Stefan slowly lowers him to the ground. Elena is shocked.Stefan lays Damon on the couch. He takes his phone from inside Damon’s jacket pocket."Why are you doing this?"
"Damon had the right idea with the tunnels."He opens up the picture of the map on Damon’s phone."But, I’m not gonna go in there if I can’t count on him to do it my way."
"If you can’t count on him? You just vervained him."
"Do you think he cares about April or Matt? He’ll get Jeremy out for you, but then he’ll go right after Connor, no matter who gets hurt."
"Then I’m coming with you."
Stefan walks towards Elena."You’re not coming with me, Elena."
"You need my help, Stefan."
"What if Connor attacks and you have to defend yourself? And what if you kill him? The guilt will wreck you."
"You don’t think that I – I- I’m afraid of that? Of course, I am. Stefan, I’m barely holding it together. If Jeremy gets hurt…."
Stefan grabs Elena’s face in his hands."I’ll get Jeremy out, okay? I promise you."
"Elena, listen to me, listen to me."Elena calms down."This is the most important thing that I have ever asked you to do. I just need you to trust me. Please."Elena nods. Stefan kisses her. When Elena opens her eyes after their lips part, Stefan has gone.
Later on:
Elena and Krista are still in Alaric's loft.They here a big BOOM!They both jump.Krista rushes to the window and looks out.
Elena is leaving a panicked voicemail for Stefan."Stefan, call me! There was an explosion at the Grill. I need to know what’s happening!"Elena hears Damon groan from the couch. She hangs up her phone and rushes towards Damon."Damon, hey. Can you get 
"Ohh, where’s Stefan? I’m gonna kill him."Damon sits up slowly, but is burned by the rays of sunlight coming through the window. He lies back down."Ow! Ow!"
"He took your ring?"Krista asks
"Why would he do that?!"Elena says
Damon rolls off the couch and onto the ground.Elena stands up."Because he’s playing us. All this stalling, getting hybrids, taking my ring, add it up."Damon gets up and sits on the arm of the sofa away from the sunlight."He’s either made a deal with Klaus or he’s compelled."
"Then I need to get in there."Elena starts to leave.
"No, Elena, this guy is dangerous!"
She turns around."So am I, Damon!"Damon looks up at her. Elena is extremely angry.
"Then you need to be smart.He doesn’t know you’re a vampire.You get as close as you can and you kill him."
Elena walks out.Damon looks at Krista.
"I'll follow her."Krista rushes out the door.She gets to the door before Elena."I'll go first"
"Krista.No.Let me.It's my brother"
"It's also my boyfriend.You think I could live with him dead?So let me go first.At the sign of any danger you can come in and kill the bastard"
Krista listens in
"I can give you the truth. Just put down the gun and let Jeremy go!"She hears Stefan say
Krista opens the front door and enters the Grill.Connor is still holding the gun towards where Stefan is hiding.He turns his head and sees Krista
"Please!"He points his gun towards Krista"Don’t hurt him."
Connor points the gun on Jeremy."You come any closer, he’s dead."
"Krista,get out of here!"
"He's the only thing I have left.Just–just let him go."
"You hear that?"He says to Stefan."Slayer is watching.I will shoot the boy right in front of her!On the count of three! One!"Jeremy looks at Krista"Two!"
Stefan stands up and raises his hands in surrender.Connor points the gun at him instead.Elena rushes in the door and rushes at Connor.He shoots his gun and hits Jeremy in the stomach with a bullet. Elena throws Connor to the ground and sits on top of him. She grabs him by the throat and starts choking her. Jeremy is bleeding profusely and clutching his wound.Krista notices that the bomb is about to go off and she rushes towards Jeremy, grabs him, and throws herself and Jeremy over a table.The bomb explodes.Elena looks up.
"Jeremy?!"In her moment of panic, Connor manages to rip her hand off his throat and tosses her to the side. He rolls on top of her and grabs her by the hair. He goes in to stake her, but Elena grabs his wrist and fights back. Stefan rushes at Connor and knocks him off Elena. He kneels down next to Connor, grabs him, and rushes off. Elena breathes heavily and gets up. She looks around the Grill, but doesn’t see Connor or Stefan anywhere.
Later on:
Jeremy is sitting on a bench in the middle of the Town Square with Krista.He removes his vervain bracelet and looks at it. Matt and April walk over to them
"Hey Jeremy,Krista.Sorry we’re so late,we had to take this crazy detour."April says
"There was a gas leak."Matt says
"Yeah, I heard about that."He says looking at Krista.
"Yeah, and we had to stop by Tyler Lockwood’s house because we had to see Caroline. We talked to her for a little bit, but now I was thinking maybe we could all go get some coffee."She looks over at the Mystic Grill,"But the Grill is closed. That’s weird."
"You know what,it’s okay,I,uh,I need to get home anyways.I’m feeling a little over it today."
"I should probably get home too."
"Oh. Alright, then."April starts to walk away.Jeremy drops his vervain bracelet on the ground.He picks it up.
"Hey, April!"April turns around."Did you drop this?"
"Oh, that’s not mine."
"You sure? Hey, let me see your wrist."April extends her arm.Jeremy puts the bracelet on her.
"Uh, thanks, but…"
"I like it."Krista says"It looks good on you. You should wear it."
"Okay."April walks away.Matt turns to Jeremy.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah."Jeremy grabs Krista's hand in his.They start to walk off together."I’m just sick of all the secrets, you know."
"Yeah, tell me about it."
Jeremy stops and looks down at his hand.Matt and Krista stop with him.A tattoo has appeared on Jeremy’s hand.
"What’s wrong?"
"Nothing."Matt looks at him strangely and walks off.Jeremy looks down at his hand again.The tattoo is still there.
"Jeremy."Krista says
"It's nothing."He says.She gives him a look"I promise."He kisses her."I'll see you later.Love you"
"Love you too"He walks off.Krista seems uneasy.She saw the mark.Welp,time for a ride in their relationship.
I have died everyday
Waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more
And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more

"I Won't Love A Ghost For The Rest Of My Life"♥
--Elena Gilbert

--Ghost World