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The Masquerade |Finished|
Story published June 5, 2012 · updated December 15, 2012 · completed · 92 pages · 19,766 readers · 242,737 reads
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Devin's P.O.V

"So umm... We haven't seen you around here all too much, and we hang out here a lot. Are you new?" Kristen asked, her face brightening up.
"No" The guy said."Actually, I don't live here at all I was just visiting someone. Oh and by the way I'm Jared." He said with a grin, holding his hand out to us.
"Kristen." She said simply as they shook hands.
"Devin." I said plainly as I shook hands with him.
"It's nice meeting you both. Well umm I have to go now I'm in a bit of a rush but there's a party tonight at around 9:30. Would you ladies like to join?"
"What kind of party?" I asked.
"It's sort of like a beginning of summer party. I'm sure you'll be interested."
"Yeah, I guess we'll come."
"Most likely." Kristen said.
"Great." He said reaching his hand in his pocket to pull something out. He handed us a small piece of paper. "Meet me at this address, I'll take you both to the building afterwards. Well goodbye." I took the piece of paper as he continued walking down the sidewalk.
"Strange guy." I said when he was gone.
"I think he was kinda cute." Kristen said.
"Well you sure did make that obvious. You need to try being more hard to get. You know what I'm saying?" I said as we walked up to my house.
"I know, but I just can't help myself."
"You can have him if you want, but only if you follow what I say, or else you won't get any guy like that." We continued rambling on and on in front of my front door until Kristen decided to head home to get ready for the party tonight.
After her car disappeared down the road I went inside to see my aunt sitting on the couch.
"Devin is that you?" She called from the living room.
"Yeah, who else." I said. "I'm going up to my room." I said and walked upstairs. I threw my bags on the bed and slowly stripped out of my clothes.
The weather had been really hot today and we'd been hitting the stores almost the whole morning. I put on some simple jeans shorts and a tank top as I looked through my closet. There were so many things that were old clothes of mine and the rest were fashionable but not really for a party.
I looked through for quite a long time, practically dumping most of my clothes out on the bed to see what I have. I sat on my bed with as sigh once I finally found something. Afterwards I went downstairs to have dinner with my aunt, it was already 6 o'clock. I rushed back up to my bedroom to get ready. My outfit was set up and laid down on my bed perfectly along with my shoes.
I took a quick shower before returning back to my room with a towel wrapped around my body. I sat down on the other end of the bed for a moment. For some reason many thoughts flowed through my head. I remembered to why I became so hard and plain in the first place.
November 16th. One month after mother's death.

Finally, it was end of the school day on a Friday. I liked to study and get good grades but Friday made me happy the most because I was two days off of school. I was going to be away from all the bullies and people who teased me.
No, I didn't have any friends. No one really liked me because I got good grades even though I didn't see a big reason in that. I guess I was just too quiet and shy as well. Who needed friends? They less friend you have, the less chance you had of getting hurt or stabbed in the back.
Anyways, I was at my locker putting away any books that I didn't need for homework. It was actually pretty late because I had stayed for an extra half hour to finish my essay on the computer in English so I wouldn't have to do it next week. So you could say that the school was almost empty, well the hallways at least. Anyone that stayed this long was either at some sort of practice or waiting at the front gate to be picked up.

"Hey Miller, what are you doing at this time in school?" Miranda Flinn asked, standing in front of me with her two fake friends.
"Nothing, I'm going home." I said with my head down.
"Oh, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to stop by to ask where you got your top I really love it." She said with a stupid grin.
"Oh this?-" I looked down at my top but she cut me off.
"I wanted it for my bulldog you know, he loves going in mud puddles." She laughed and snapped her fingers once to signal for the others to laugh as well. They walked down the hall laughing.
"Bye loser." She said and I slammed my locker shut.Just then behind my locker was standing Erick Sanders. Ugh just great.
I jumped once because I didn't know he was here.
"Oh, sorry there beautiful did I scare you there?" He asked with sarcasm.
"A little." I said holding onto my bag. "What do you want?" I said.
Erick was an idiot. Just because he was on the school's football team he thought he was all that. Slept with every girl in school almost. Well all of the cheerleaders for sure.
"Come on I'll show you." He said with a grin, pulling onto my elbow hard.
"Hey let go that hurts! I'm going home now I don't have time for anything."
But he didn't listen, he just kept on pulling me down the hall.
"Would you shut up before someone hears you?!" He said with anger as he pulled me into a janitors' closet. He held me against the wall before locking the door with a key.
What was wrong with my life? What did I do to get anything that was happening to me lately?
He took my bag from my shoulder and threw it on the floor getting closer to me every second. I felt his mouth on my neck, kissing and licking every part of it in a messy manner. It was pure disgusting. I tried to push and kick him away as much as possible but he was too strong and soon held both of my hands above my head.
"You're so impatient, now aren't you there?" He said and his hand found the top buttons of my shirt, slowly unbuttoning it and pulling in any way he could.
I started screaming random things for someone to help me but it was no use as there was almost no one around in the school.
Finally I gave up and let him do whatever he was doing. It didn't get all to far until I heard banging on the door and someone yelling for it to be opened right now. Soon whoever it was came in and pulled Erick out to the principal's office where he was expelled from the school.
I let my body slide down until I sat on the ground and put my hands over my eyes wanting to cry. No, I can't cry anymore.
I have to face everyone and everything. If I have to change everything about myself to be able to face this world then that's what I'll do. No one will stand in my way again...

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