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My One Direction
Story published June 9, 2012 · updated July 1, 2013 · 71 pages · 1,162 readers · 4,103 reads
Tickle Fights
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Tickle Fights

I got out of harry bed and asked him to cover his eyes with the blanket. I watched him put himself under the blanket like a kid playing hide and seek and I laughed. I took of my bikini top and got out a running halter I had in my purse. I felt Harry looking and my bare body so I decided to tease him. I looked around in his drawers still half naked for a sweatshirt. Today is a lazy day. I pulled on my jeans from yesterday and I knew Harry was still looking at me. I smiled to myself and pulled my halter on. "Oh come on. You were teasing me." I turned around and smiled at him. His accent is so adorable! I pulled on his sweatshirt and he said "Hey that's mine!" I frowned at him for a second and said "Not today it isn't." He folded his arms and pouted for a minute. He was busy looking around the room acting like he was pouting so I ducked down and hid at the foot of his bed. I looked up over the foot of the bed and used my mad ninja skills to jump on Harry and start tickling him. He was laughing histarically when he called for the guys "Help me!" he shouted. I was stradling him and tickling his sides. All the guys came rushing in and laughed. They tried to pry me off of him but I secured my legs under his body. I am pretty strong for a girl. Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled. I kept my legs tied arour Harry, but then all the guys grabed me and liam grabbed Zayn. They pulled me and Harry up because I would not let go of him. Harry stood up and my legs were still wrapped around his waist. He put his arms under me to hold me up and then I looked at Harry. We both smiled and laughed. He put me down and I sat on the ground indian style :) I patted the floor next to me and looked at Zayn. He kneeled down with his knees bent and I smiled at him. Befor he could get back up I jumped on his back. He stumbled for a second but regained his balance. We were all laughing and I yelled "To the kitchen!" I rode Zayn piggy-back all the way there. He dropped me on the kitchen counter and we were all laughing really hard. I started to fix sandwiches. I've only been here a few times, but I know where the bread and other things are. Liam asked "What are you doing Payton?" I answered "We're going to the lake today. I know the guys that rents the boats, so he gave one to me because I go there alot to think and stuff." He nodded his head and said "Ohhhhhh" I smiled and made the six sandwiches. I yelled out "What kind of potatoe chips does everyone want!?" They all came to the counter. They told me what they wanted and I grabbed the bags. I packed cans of Arizona Tea for everyone. I asked Louise and Liam if they wanted to invite Eleanor and Danielle along with us. (their girlfriends) They jumped at this and called them both. I put ice in a cooler and packed everything in there. When Eleanor and Danille got here I asked them what they wanted for lunch. They told me and I made their sandwiches and packed their chips. I ran to Harrys room and changed back into my bikini. Just for a reminder it is the one on the left polyvore I put Harrys sweatshirt back on aswell. I walked out of his room and back into the kitchen. I grabbed the cooler and we all loaded up in the van.