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Niall Horan's sister
Story published June 9, 2012 · updated June 12, 2012 · 6 pages · 2,218 readers · 6,544 reads
Ashlee Horan
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Ashlee Horan

     Heya! Ashlee here!
     I'm 17 
     My birthday is on June 29th 
     My brother is Niall Horan yes, The Niall Horan a.k.a. 1/5 of one direction.
     I love surfing,reading,drawing,and swimming.
     I can sing too but not in front of anyone..
     My favorite color is green and teal.
     I'm sometimes shy when I get to meet you for the first time but I can be a little crazy. 
     If you give me haribo's I'll love you forever.
     I love food soo much! like A LOT
     My hair is brunette.
     I'm about 5"4 (Yeah, I'm a shortie)
     Some people think Niall and I aren't realated but eh? What can I do he dyed his hair blonde.
     I go to home school but now it's ending cause of summer! WOOH!
     I have curly hair too..(forgot about that)
     Boys are here to visit today! I get to meet my brother again! WOOH!
     Also I play the guitar.
     Whoops! Gotta go! My teacher  a.k.a. Mr. Cramen is getting angry! I don't want to see that. soo bye!