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Cover it up
Story published June 10, 2012 · updated 6 weeks ago · 23 pages · 1,380 readers · 28,823 reads
you jack-
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You jack-

 i raced too the blacks house I'd always loved Billy and Jakes house it was small yet I loved it I forgot all about my Jacob probelms
And paused
I jumped
the stood Jacob black the angry went threw me
"Why? "
"What's wrong jemi?"
"You lied. "
He frozed and looked down
"I still love her I don't love u."
Jacob whispered
his words hit me like a thousand knives
"She dosent love you Jake she is with edward."
he growled
his body shook
"Jake she is happy."
His body shifted into a wolf
he turned into attack moad and bit my leg I felt his nails clamp into my face to my stomach
and the I blocked out