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I'm in love with the prince (A Yuki Sohma Love story)
Story published June 10, 2012 · updated September 24, 2013 · 46 pages · 3,053 readers · 14,402 reads
The Truth Comes Ou
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The Truth Comes Out

            "I still have no idea what I should say to him. I've known Yuki for as long as i can remember and I still don't know him as well as I should. What do I do Haru?"
Hello! I'm Ashlee Sohma. I'm in a pretty big fight with my brothers Yuki and Ayame. I've recently come home after four months at my friend Saki Hanajima's house. I don't know why, but they are really mad at me.
I bumped into Yuki at the grocery store.
"Yuki?" I said when I bumped into him. (Literally)       
"Why are YOU  here?" He snapped.
"What, is a girl not supposed to buy ice and jelly buns anymore?" I said.
"Oh shut up Ashlee. And stop acting all innocent. You know what you did," Yuki said. He started glaring at me.
"Well, I'm sorry. I really don't know what I did. Why are you and Ayame so mad at me all of a sudden?" I asked.
"Why did you leave for so long? We were waiting for you to come back. What? do you hate us so much that you had to go live with Saki?"
"I couldn't stand Akito. So I left. Just the same as you did. But you never even came back."
"Well I actually had a reason Ashlee!" He continued, "Now go do your shopping before this goes any further." He said, getting in my face.
"Well I'm sorry. You should have spoken up before I left." I said and walked away.
I finished my shopping and went on my way.
I went back to the main house and went toh find Akito.
"Ashlee! Where do you think you are going? You better not be trying to find Akito..." Haru said when he saw me.
"Yeah, why else would I be here?"
"I don't think he's in the mood. Remember what happens when he is in one of his moods," He said.
"Well, I'd rather get punished than go to Shigure's right now." I said and walked inside.
I walked down the hallway to find Akito. I stopped at the door in the end of the hall.
"Ashlee Minami Sohma, how do you have the nerve to come back here." Akito said.
"Why did you leave for so long? Didn't I teach you not to run off without permission? I think I need to reteach you not to go against me again."
Akito grabbed my arm and threw me into the room. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. He slapped me and threw me in the corner across the room. He walked back up to me and back-handed me.
"Maybe that will teach you not to go against this family." Akito said and and back-handed me again. "This is what you get." He kneeled down to my level and lifted my chin so I could look in his eyes.
"Next time maybe you'll think twice before going against me, won't you Ashlee?" He hissed. He grabbed my hair and threw me back out in the hallway.
I ran outside and Haru looked at me.
"I told you... You shouldn't have come back here..." He mumbled.
I ran into the forest and hid in a tree. I let the tears fall and hit the ground below. Yuki and the girl he was with when i bumped into him at the store walked by below. I held my breath until they passed under.
I could only hold my breath long enough to only pass by the tree I was in. Then I started sobbing again.
"Do you hear that? It sounds like someone crying." The girl said.
"I hear it too, come on." Yuki said and I heard them walking back here.
They started looking around. I tried to climb higher but my hands slipped. I fell about seventeen feet and hit the ground.
"Ouch, well that hurt," I said and tried to get back on my feet. My wrist and ankle were throbbing. "Well that isn't good,"
"What happened Ashlee!?" Yuki screamed as he ran over to me.
"Oh, I don't know, it's not like I just plummeted seventeen feet from up in a tree, or anything." I said sarcastically.
"We need to get you back to Shigure's before your injuries get any worse. Can you walk on your ankle?" Yuki asked trying to help me up.
"I'm fine," I said falling to the ground because it hurts so much. And the major headache I was getting from Akito wasn't helping at all either. "Okay, maybe I'm not. What's with the sudden change in character?" I asked Yuki.
"Well why would I be a jerk to my sister after she just fell out of a tree and possibly broke her ankle and wrist? I'm not that low, jeez. Come on, do you want me to leave you here?" He picked me up and helped me to Shigure's. 
"I'm Ashlee by the way." I said to the girl on the other side of Yuki.
"I'm Tohru Honda, so you're Yuki's sister?" Tohru asked.
"I guess you could say that. We don't act like it at all sometimes," I said. We got to Shigure's and Tohru ran off.
"Not really. Look! There's Kyo! Kyo!" Tohru screamed as she ran over to him.
"Hey Yuki, does she know?" I asked, "About the secret, I mean."
"Yes she does. She actually lives with us. We should get you inside before you transform."
And POOF! I transformed.
"Hm, yeah, thanks for jinxing it." I said annoyed. "Now let's get inside before you do too. It's getting cold out here."
We went inside and Yuki sat me on the couch.
"Get that rodent out of my house!" Shigure said and threw me outside.
"You know, if that were a real rat you would have killed it. You probably injured poor Ashlee more than she already is. You're even more cold-hearted than usual." Yuki said.    b"Ashlee?! WHY YOU TELL ME NOW!?" Shigure yelled. And then I blacked out.
I woke up on Shigure's couch.
"Ow," I croaked. "What's your problem Sensei!? I'm sore enough already."
"How did you break your wrist & your ankle, Miss Ashlee?" Hatori said, "And how did you get so many bruises and scrapes?"
"One word: Akito." I said.
"How did Akito break your wrist and ankle?"
"No, Akito gave me all the bruises and scrapes. I fell out of a tree and broke my ankle and wrist. Wait, THEY'RE BROKEN!?" I screamed. I tried to get up but it hurt to much.
"Don't strain yourself. You took quite a hit out there. And a big through too..." Yuki said gesturing to Shigure.
"How was I supposed to know it was Ashlee?"
"Well you don't just go throwing rats around!" Hatori, Yuki and Kyo said simultaneously. Yuki and Kyo glared at each other and stormed out of the room.
"Do you guys need anything from the grocery store?" Yuki asked.
"More ice and bandages please." Hatori said.
"I'll go with you." I said and attempted to get up again.
"Are you sure? Just wait a second." Hatori said and left the room. He came back with to braces and a pair of crutches. "Here, put these on your wrist and ankle. Then you will be good to go." Said Hatori and then we were on our way. 

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