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1 girl ( mindless behavior love story)
Story published June 12, 2012 · updated June 12, 2013 · 23 pages · 927 readers · 7,698 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

My P.O.V

The bell rang and everyone ran into class. I saw Princeton and smiled. The teacher came and started talking about the the talent show and how everyone in class needs to be paired in groups of four to make a song to perform.

Me: maya you want to work together

Maya: you know it

Diggy: I'm working w/ you guys and my bro Princeton is too

Me: ok

We work on the beats and also the lyrics. We also plan the next time we'll meet for it.

End of the school day

I'm at my locker and Diggy comes behind me and hugs me. I hug back.

Me: hey dig

Diggy: hey, you want to hang out today

Me: sure. What do you want to do

Diggy: we could work on the song and we also have to talk.

Me: ok. see you then.

I walk home, I was lost in thought but then I bumped into someone. I look up and see Princeton.

Princetons P.O.V

I was thinking about today as my first day of school when someone bumped into me. I turn around and see cydney. I smile.

Cydney: I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention.

Me: it's ok

Cydney: so how was your first day

Me: it was good. I know we just met can I have your number.

Cydney: sure.

We exchange numbers.

Cydney: well I got to go. I have a friend I need to meet. I'll talk to you later.

She walks away smiling. I really like her. She might be my #1 girl

My P.O.V

I open my house door and go inside.i see my mom on the phone but she ends the call to talk to me.

Me: hey mom

Mom: hey sweetie how was school

Me: good oh and Diggy is coming over

Mom: ok well I need to leave ( glances at the clock) right now. I have an important meeting. Tell Diggy I said hi and order anything you want. bye

She leaves and I hear a knock on the door. I open it and see Diggy .

Me: hey Diggy

Diggy: hey cyd

Me: come in

Diggy: how bout we work outside

Me: ok

We sit on the porch and start to get to work on the song but we get hungry and order a pizza.

Diggy's P.O.V

I decide it's time to tell cydney how I feel about her.

Me: hey cyd we need to talk

Cydney: about what

Me: well...

Then I see Jessica's car pull up

Comment, like. Sorry if it's slow. I promise It will pick up. It's my first story :)