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1 girl ( mindless behavior love story)
Story published June 12, 2012 · updated June 12, 2013 · 23 pages · 930 readers · 7,725 reads
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Jessica's P.O.V

I knew it, he's with that girl again. Why is he always hanging out with her. He's blown me off 3 times already to hang-out with her and never spends time with me.I get out my car and walk up to the both of them.He is so gonna get it.

Me: Diggy what are you doing here!!!!!!

Diggy: I'm hanging out with cydney. Why are you so upset.

Me: I'm upset because you said we were gonna hang out after we got out of school

Diggy: and we still can the days not over yet so calm down.

Me: the problem is diggy i've been waiting for 2 hours 

Cydney: I'll just leave you two alone (she starts to get up to go inside)

Me: your not going anywhere.

Diggy: leave her out of this jessica

Me:but she's tearing us apart!!!!

Diggy: no she's not!!!!

Me: it's either me or her

Diggy: you know i cant do that

Me: fine then were over.

I cant believe him and to think i wasted 3 months staying with that loser.Well who needs him, I'm moving on to bigger and better things.I climb into my car and drive away not even looking back.

My P.O.V

I look over at diggy , I cant believe jessica overreacted like that.She's usually so down to earth and laid back.

Me: dig are you ok

Diggy: yeah ( he smiles)

Me: I thought you would have been upset 

Diggy: well I'm not. so can we please talk about something else

Me: sure

So diggy and I did some homework and talked and then it was time for him to leave.He put his books in his bag and we both got up.

Diggy: look I'm sorry for the way Jessica acted. It was uncalled for and she shouldn't brought you into the situation.

Me: its ok. I'm not even upset.

Diggy: good.

He looks at me for long time and looks down. He kisses me on the cheek and I blush.

Diggy: bye

Me:bye dig

Tomorrow Morning

I get up and do my normal routine. I dress into this with the black sandals and red shorts 

I go downstairs and see my little brother eating cereal.

Me: hey bro

Hunter: whats up sis

Me: nothing much.

I didnt feel like walking to school so I texted my friend makayla to see if she could drive me to school.


Me: can you drive me to school
Makayla: sure be there in 5
Me: kk

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