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Story published June 12, 2012 · updated July 13, 2012 · 8 pages · 1,789 readers · 5,330 reads
Austin Mahone
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Austin Mahone

Austin and you were going on a date tonight. He was your boyfriend for the past 2 and a half years. Tonight, you guys were going out to a fancy restaurant. So you put on a long, fancy red dress with sparkles and some white high heels. You put your hair in a french braid and the door bell rang. You took off your heels and ran down the stairs to open the door. It was Austin. "Beautiful." You heard him mutter under his breath. You smiled and said, "Thanks, you dont look bad yourself." And winked. You put your heels on as Austin and you walked out of the house together, holding hands. When you arrived at the restaurant, you sat at a table together. Your waitress was really pretty, and you both ordered. When she walked away, Austin said, "I'll be right back." He walked away and you watched him, he walked over to the waitress. You were furious. Did two and a half years mean nothing to him!? You didnt wanna ruin his night, so when he sat back down, you pretended you didnt see anything. The waitress came back and handed you your salad and steak. She gave Austin his chicken. She also gave you an ice cream, "This is from him." She said when you looked at the ice cream confused. You looked to Austin and he nodded. You both ate your dinner and after, you began to eat the ice cream. It was half gone and then you took another bite and felt something weird. You spit it out in a napkin and there was a diamond ring. Austin smiled and said, "Will you marry me?" "So THATS why you were talking to the waitress!" You said. "Yup." He said as getting down on one knee. "So will you please, be my Mrs.Mahone?" He asked you again. You jumped out of your seat and kissed him. "YES!" You screamed. Then, the both of you walked back to your house together.