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CountryxReader~Hetalia: Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published June 12, 2012 · updated July 30, 2012 · 9 pages · 2,442 readers · 12,186 reads
~The Tomato!~
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~The Tomato!~

        You reached into the bag and felt something soft, circular, and... leafy? You pulled it out, it was a ripe, red tomato. "Romano?" You asked, looking at your freind. 

        "Si? Oh, no. Not my tomato," he said. That ment it could only be one other person. 

        "Hey, Antonio!" America said. "You and _____, go into the closet and have some sexy time." You blushed. You'd had a crush on Spain for a while, and he was a great freind. But being alone with him in a closet for seven minutes? You didn't know what he would think. You were so lost in your thoughts, you didnt notice when Spain came up to you and took your hand. 

        "Mi amiga, are you coming?" He asked, tugging on your hand lightly. You nodded, and he led you to the closet. 

        "Have fun~!" America sang. You sighed as he closed the door, enveloping you and Spain in darkness. You noticed he didn't let go of your hand. 

        "Spain? You're being pretty quiet," you said to him. His green eyes watched you, glowing in the dark. You just stared into his eyes, swimming in the sea of green. He stepped forward, pulling you into him. "Spain, what are you...?" You asked, not complaining but... curious. 

        "I love you, ____," He said quietly. You blinked at him. Was he messing with you? No, that wasn't Spain's style.


        "Si," he said, then gently kissed you. You practically melted, the kiss was so good. After half a minute or so, he bit your lip softly. You smirked into the kiss, and denyed him access. He didn't take no for an answer, he pushed his tounge into your mouth. You tried to push his tounge back, your tounges battling for dominance, untill he finally won. His tounge roamed your mouth, making you moan when he stroked your tounge with his. He pushed you into the wall, making a loud bang noise that was clearly heard outside. 

        "Go ____, get some!" Somone, most likely Prussia, called from the living room. You tried not to moan, but it escaped anyway. Spain moaned as you pushed your tounge into his mouth, and stroked his tounge with yours. You slipped your hands into his shirt, feeling his hard abs. When he started to kiss down your neck, you moaned again. 

        "Spain... times almost up..." You said between moans. Just as he found your sweet spot, America opened the door. 

        "Dude!" He said. "She has a hickey!"

        You smirked at America. "Don't be jeleous just cuz you can't get any." You said with a smirk.


        For the rest of the party, you and Spain sat and shared kisses, talking and laughing. When America started to send everyone home, Spain caught you. "Mi amor, how about we come to my house?" He asked, his voice suductive and pleasent at the same time. You nodded.