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My Teddy Bear (Andy Biersack Gay Love Story)
Story published June 12, 2012 · updated September 18, 2012 · completed · 23 pages · 4,066 readers · 32,876 reads
Kamryn Paige
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Kamryn Paige


o.o Yeah. Don't judge me.

My name's Kamryn, biotchs. :|

My nick-names would be Gummy-Bear, Kammi, Cuddle-Buddy, Cutie or Baby-Face.

Yeah, i hope you can tell that i'm very outgoing...Usually.

But, if you didn't notice that?

What's wrong with you!?! JK! Chill, Dude.

I often listen to bands named BVB, BOTDF, Skrillex, TRS, NSN, MIW & ATL.

What's my fav band? Hmm..Lemme think for a few years..

Jk. My favorite band HAS to be My Chemical Romance!


My bestie's name is Christofer.

He's my cuddle-buddy. :3 Hehe.

Well, his birthday is comign up next Saturday..

So, i bought two tickets to Black Veil Brides. (His fav band!)

Also, i'm not that popular in school.

But, people don't bully me or anything..

Cuz they know what i can do to them, so they don't mess with me or my bestie.

So, Yeah...


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