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Why Will You Marry Me? - Sasuke & Hinata Love Story
Story published June 14, 2012 · 6 pages · 631 readers · 1,088 reads
Why Will You Marry
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Why Will You Marry Me ?

Alternate Universe no Uchiha massacre. The Uchiha's and Hyuuga's are both very powerful businesses and decide to arrange a marriage between the two CEOs children. Enjoy I own nothing!

"You look beautiful." came a voice behind the shy Hyuuga, one she was familiar with although she had never heard him be so gentle before. The girl blushed as she turned to face the boy who spoke to her.

"Thank you Sasuke, you look pretty nice yourself." she complimented, they were in the same class and ran with the same friends but she was rarely alone with him. "What are you doing out here?" she asked, both were standing under a small gazebo in his back yard Hinata leaning against the railing slightly but not putting all her weight down so as not to ruin her party dress.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." he smirked. "I actually came out here to escape all of my relatives who kept going on and on about the 'merger' with the Hyuuga's." he air quoted. You see they were the guests of honor this was a party strictly for the Uchiha's and Hyuuga's so that Sasuke and Hinata could meet formally before they were married after graduation. His statement caused the girl to turn redder than before as she suddenly seemed to find twiddling her fingers rather interesting.

"Ah," she sighed. "That."

"Is the prospect of being married to me so repulsive?" he asked looking amused.

"Not really I was actually relieved when I found out I was marrying you." she admitted.

"Really?" he asked confused.

"Well you see I've always known I'd be in an arranged marriage, that's why I never date I don't want to hurt anyone..."

"Same here." he interrupted. But shut up so she would continue.

"Anyway, about a month ago I was told I'd be marrying one of the Uchiha heirs. At first I dreaded they'd set me up with Itachi being that we're both the eldest of our clans heirs." she muttered.

"I don't like my brother much," Sasuke started smirking "But woman usually do, why would you dread marrying him?"

"That's exactly why." she explained giving him a look. Itachi was a bit of a playboy and although Sasuke was adored he never once acted like he gave a rat's ass.

"Ah." he smirked again. "Yeah I could see you not wanting to be married to Casanova. So your only happy to marry me because I'm not Itachi." this question came out with more vulnerability than he would have liked.

"Would you like a list of the reason's I think you'll be a good husband?" she asked amused as she walked over to sit on the bench next to him. As soon as she did he took off his jacked and slung it around her shoulders without a word.

"Well for starters what you just did with your jacket, you're very considerate of those around you. Even if they happen to be screaming fangirls, like the ones at school. You still respect them." she stated remembering when one of his 'admirers' had fallen while chasing after him with a group of girls, she would have been trampled if he had not of helped her up. Sasuke just listened nodding his head as if he was remembering the same event.

"I'd say you're smart but it's more than that, your brilliant." he smirked at this. "Maybe a bit egotistical though." she giggled when he frowned at this statement. "You have very good manners and are a perfect gentleman., when you want to be that is." she added noting that if Naruto pestered him enough they'd both act like five year olds when fighting. "Do I have to go on or do you get the picture." she asked a little bit more confident seeing as she could tell he wouldn't judge her.

"You don't have to go on. And thanks."

"It's the truth."

"No I meant for not mentioning my 'looks' anywhere in there." he smiled as he gave an over an exaggerated eyeroll while referring to his looks.

"Well I thought that one was a given." she teased kissing him quickly on the cheek before getting up to go back to the party.

"You little." he gaped staring after her before he regained his mobility after being stunned from the kiss and got up to head inside as well, maybe he wouldn't mind being married to her after all.