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The Fifth Element ((One Direction/Legend of Korra Cross-over
Story published June 14, 2012 · updated August 1, 2012 · 6 pages · 2,290 readers · 5,208 reads
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This is my very first cross-over EVER, on both this site and any other site. I've never written a cross over on  either, so I have 0 experience. 

I never even written a story about Legend of Korra, so I'm completely relying on my experience with 1D fan-fics and my basic writing to get through this..

So if it's crap, please no hate, and don't judge my entire writing type on this story.. because as I've said, it's unlike any I've ever written..

That being said, let the journey begin!
"No, you can't say it's going to be okay, cause it's NOT! None of you saw the look on that chi-blocker's face! NONE OF YOU HEARD HIM CRYING FOR ME TO KILL HIM. YOU CAN'T SAY THIS IS A GOOD THING, I MADE SOMEONE WANT TO DIE, AND DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE GUTS TO GIVE HIM THAT! I'M DONE WITH THIS!"