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Your my rocker. (a Lynch Family love story)
Story published June 15, 2012 · updated November 4, 2012 · 18 pages · 3,111 readers · 25,010 reads
Mandy Mega
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Mandy Mega

Hey I'm Mandy Rose Mega.
I have an older brother his name is Curt Mega.
He works on a show called Glee.
My fave character on Glee guy wise is Jeff played by Riker Lynch, my fave girl is Santana Lopez
I am19 I'm a 4years younger then Curt.
My  best friend is Rydel Lynch yeah Riker's younger sister
I have known them since Curt the job on Glee I'm glad he did.
My fave movie is Titanic I love Jack.
My fave singer/band: Demi Lovato, R5
, The Warblers, ad many more that I cant think of.
I'm a singer, actress and model for everything does a lot of Victoria Secrets modeling.
I love being a model its so much fun I get to wear some awesome stuff I wouldn't trade my job ever.
I live with Curt mainly so he and I see each other.
I am on Glee every now and again.
My fave food is PIZZA
I also am a dancer/cheerleader. When I do just dancing I'm normal alone or with Riker and Rydel and sometimes Rocky comes.
I better go I have to clean the Warblers are coming over soon.
Here are some pics of me modeling.

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