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Your my rocker. (a Lynch Family love story)
Story published June 15, 2012 · updated November 4, 2012 · 18 pages · 3,149 readers · 25,358 reads
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1 :p

(it will be in Mandy's pov in less it says other wise and  when in Mandy's pov it will say me in place of Mandy's name)
Me:-laying in the home theater(pic above) watching a movie doesn't hear the front door open only because she is downstairs in the basement-
Curt:-walks in with the warblers jumps on the huge couch bed thing-Hey baby sister.
Me:Hey-looks at him-
Curt:-smiles-what did you do today?
Me:Clean, shower, talked to mom, then came in here and started watching movies.
Curt:sounds boring.
Me:It was.-looks at Riker who is now sitting on the other side of me-Hello.
Riker:Hey beautiful
Curt:Do you have to hit on my sister in front of me?
Riker:yes it bugs you.
Me:-laughs and lays my head on Curt's chest-don't worry he can't steal me from you Curt
Me:I promise.-puts my legs on Riker's lap-
Riker:-gives her a foot massage-
Me:-smiles slightly-why are you doing that?
Riker:Cuz I can.
Me:ok.-slowly falling asleep on Curt's chest-
Curt:Riker can you take her to her room or do I need Grant to?
Riker:I can.-picks her up and goes to her room lays her in bed-
Me:-slightly opens my eyes enough to see who it is-Riker stay with me I don't wanna be alone.
Riker:go change into your pjs and I'll go tell Curt so he won't be pissed when I don't come back.-goes to tell Curt-
Curt:ok just don't have sex with my sister please.
Riker:I won't at least not yet. I'm gonna take some basketball shorts and a shirt is that cool?
Curt:yea you know where they are.
Riker:-leaves and gets them then changes goes back to Mandy's room lays down in her bed-
Me:-changing into a tight silky night gown goes back in my room sees Riker in my bed waiting for me gets in bed cuddles up to him-
Riker:You look sexy Mandy.
Me:thank you Riker.
Riker:-kisses her softly-No problem
Me:-kisses back-I really like you Riker, I know you like me.
Me:My brother told me.
Riker:Mandy will you be my beautiful girlfriend?
Me:yes.-kisses him softly but with hunger-
Riker:-kisses back with the same amount of hunger-As much as I want to have sex we cant not right now.
Me:I want to wait a while before we do Riker.
Riker:Me too baby.-kisses her head-go to sleep I'll be here when you wake up.
Me:-cuddles up to him so our legs are intertwined-
Riker:-holds her close rubbing her back texts Curt telling him he and Mandy are now dating-

Riker's Pov.

Riker:-watching Mandy sleep-I love you so much.
Mandy:-smiles in her sleep cuddling closer-
Riker:-falls asleep dreaming of Mandy-

Curt's pov
Curt:-peaks into Mandy's room getting a few pics of Mandy and Riker post them on twitter with it saying: my baby sister @mandy_mega and @rikerr5 are now dating and cuddle in their sleep how cute-

Mandy's pov
Me:-wakes up in Riker's arms smiles slightly-Baby wake up.
Riker:-groans pulling her closer-sleep baby please.
Me:fine-cuddles and goes back to sleep-

what do you guys think so far? riker's twitter name is real the Mandy one isn't tho
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