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Your my rocker. (a Lynch Family love story)
Story published June 15, 2012 · updated November 4, 2012 · 18 pages · 3,150 readers · 25,373 reads
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6 ;D

Me:-wakes up in Rocky arms-
Rocky:-kisses her head-morning honey
Me:-smiles and rolls over to face him-morning sweetie.
Rocky:how did you sleep?
Me:pretty good and you?
Rocky:i slept good knowing your safe in my arms.
Me:-smiles kissing him softly-your such a dork.
Rocky:I love you too babe-picks her up and gets out of bed sets her down on the bed, gets his stuff out of his bag goes to the bathroom takes a shower-
Me:-waits for him to get out has all my stuff in the bathroom already-Rocky hunny are you done yet I need to get ready.
Rocky:come join me then.
Me:Your crazy my brother is home, and your brothers and sister are here so no I'm good.
Rocky:Baby your room is sound proof and so is your bathroom they won't know so get in here with me.
Me:-sighs knows I won't win, goes in strips and gets in the shower with Rocky-
Rocky:hey sexy lady-picks her up holding her on his side like a lil kid-
Me:do you really have to hold me?
Rocky:yup-kisses her softly one hand on her cheek the other on her butt-
Me:your getting to comfortable with feeling me like that honey.
Rocky:not my fault your so freaking hot.
Me:-flicks his nose-put me down or you won't get anything from me ever. Riker had never seen me naked your getting more then he ever did.
Rocky:-smirks putting her down but holds her close-
Me:I need to shower Rocky we can't just stand here forever.
Rocky:well we could if you wanted to.
Me:no b/c I have a photo shoot today and you and Rydel are coming with me so I need to be ready in like 10 mins and your making it hard to do that.
Rocky:-sighs lets her go washes his hair then washes her body for her-
Me:you really just wanted to be all touchy with me didn't you.
Rocky:yes and I was trying to help you baby-kisses her neck-
Me:don't you dare think about giving me a hickey I will be in a lot of trouble. Maybe later just not right now baby.
Rocky:-kisses her cheek getting out letting her finish, gets dressed does his hair-
Me:-gets out gets dried off and gets dressed drying my hair-come on we need to leave like now.
( what mandy is wearing)
Rocky:-picks her up walks downstairs-come on guys.
Me:I guess all of you are coming.
Ross:it was that or Riker comes to get us.
Me:ok lets get going.
Ryland:-laughs-you have to be there in an hour Curt left a note on your door.
Me:do you want food?
Me:then get your big head in my car.
Rocky:-laughs walks out to her car-
(one of Mandy's cars)
Me:-gets in and waits for the others to get in-
Ross:why are you dressed like that Mandy?
Me:Its faster to change out of.
-at the phoot shoot Ryland and Ross have to sit in a different room-
Me:almost done!
(what mandy takes the pics in
Me:-gets changed back into what she came in-
Rocky:-jaw dropped from all the stuff she had on and gets to take home-
Me:-closes his mouth-
Rydel:he is going to love your job now.
Me:-laughs-I know. oh by the way this is for you.

Rydel:I love it all Mandy thank you.
Me:no problem it's all free for me so it's not a big deal, I told them stuff you liked and they went and got it.
Rocky:can we go now I really want to see Mandy back in those outfits.
Me:No we have to go to your house so your family can get packed we are leaving tonight they changed the date.
Rocky:well lets get going you still need to pack.
Me:no my assistants are at mine packing all the stuff i need and some of your stuff.
Me:yep Kelly and Rose are there and they are putting it all in the limo so when we get there all we have to do is put Rydel Ross and Ryland's stuff in there and we are good to go.
Me:-takes his hand and locks arms with Rydel walks out of the room-Ross tell Shea she needs to get packed for 2weeks and get to your house as soon as possible.
Me:we are leaving for Paris today.
Ryland:we need to pack.
Me:thats where we are going.
Ross:ok.-calls Shea-
Me:-walks to the car all of them following-
Rydel:-gets in the passengers seat to make Rocky mad-
Me:-laughs getting in the car-everyone ready?
Me:-drives to their house parks-go pack for 2weeks.
-All but Rocky get out-
Me:come on babe lets go inside.-gets out-
Rocky:you do know Riker is here right?
Rocky:trying to rub it in his face that you can dress like that?
Me:no I want to get out of my car and I have to pee.
Rocky:-gets out walks with Mandy inside, kisses her-go I'll be in my room when your done.
Me:-goes to pee then goes to Rocky's room-you don't need more stuff.
Rocky:I was looking for something I got you.-pulls out a box-

Rocky:-puts it on her ring finger-It's a promise ring. I promise to never hurt you, be there for you, and protect you from everything.
Me:It's so cute and I love it thank you.-kisses him-
Rocky:-kisses back-I got it for you a few years ago I was waiting till we dated if we ever did to give it to you.
Me:you didn't have to but thank you-takes his hand in mine-I have something for you at my house I wanted to give it to you last night but I couldn't
Rocky:ok-picks her up walks to the living room sees Riker holds Mandy closer to him-
Me:-holds onto Rocky-
Riker:why are the others packing?
Rocky:they are going on a trip with us.
Me:it doesn't matter b/c your not going!
Riker:why are you being so mean to me?
Me:lets see you force kissed me and cheated on me.
Rocky:babe can I tell him?
Me:-smirks evilly and nods-
Riker:tell me what?
Rocky:My beautiful girlfriend is a Victoria Secrets model.
Riker:-jaw drops-
Me:-turns the tv see me in a commercial-see.
Riker:and why am I just now finding out about this?
Rocky:me and Ross and Rydel found out last night.
Me:I'm gonna go see if they are ready to go and babe get the door Shea just pulled up.
Rocky:yes honey-gets up and helps Shea with her bags-Ross is in his room.
Shea:ok thanks-goes to Ross's room-
Me:is everyone ready to go we need to leave in 10mins
All:we are ready to go.-putting there bags in the car-
Me:go say bye to your parents and 'it'
All:-goes in and say bye to them-
Stormie:Mandy will you take good care of all my babies?
Me:yes i have bodyguards that will be there and if they leave my side then they will have one of the bodyguards.
Stormie:ok all of you be safe and have fun.
Mark:just don't come home prego please.
Me:-laughs-I'll make sure that doesn't happen. Is there anything you two would like from Paris?
Mark:anything the kids pick us out is fine with us.
Me:I'll get you both something really nice.
Stormie:you don't have to sweetie.
Me:I don't take no for an answer.
Mark:ok, well get going or you will miss you jet.
Me:they can't leave without me.-gets in the car with everyone, drives home-
Rocky:I'm so ready to be there.
Me:-laughs-Just so you know I have a surprise for R5 when we get to Paris. Ratliff and Riker are coming there 2mrow they just don't know yet. Curt is telling them later.
Rydel:ok.-smiles at Mandy-I'm so glad we are best friends I don't know what I would do without you.
Me:just don't get to Paris and have sex and get prego please Rydel and Shea I mean it.
Rydel:what about you and Rocky?
Me:I can't get prego right now cuz if I do I can kiss my job goodbye.
Rocky:good cuz I really don't want kids right now.
Me:-laughs-Same here honey.-holds his hand pulling up to the house-
-Skipping to getting to the house in Paris-
Me:ok everyone ready to go in?
Me:-takes them in the house-

ok thats all for now im putting up pics of the house
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