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The Summer That Changed My Life *Sam Winchester love story*
Story published June 15, 2012 · updated October 6, 2012 · completed · 44 pages · 2,584 readers · 34,298 reads
Sam's P.O.V.
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Sam's P.O.V.

        I woke up to find that the spot next to me was empty. I shot up and looked around, frantically. The front door opened as Kris walked in with coffee and what appears to be a bag of doughnuts.
        "Sammy?" Kris set down the things, walked towards the bed and sat down. "Are you okay?"
        I nodded my head as my heart rate slowed down to its normal pulse. "I freaked out when you weren't here with me."
        Kris giggled, softly, and shook her head. "I thought you would still be sleeping when I got back."
        She smiled at me as I sat up. Dean stirred and then, slowly, woke up. Kris slid pff the bed and walked over to the table as Kris handed us our coffee and a doughnut.
        "What do we have planned for the day," Kris asked, setting her cup on the table.
        "Nothing," Dean said with a mouthfull of doughnut. "It's just a relax day."
        "We're entitled to one, every now and then." I smiled at Kris as Dean nodded his head.
        After we ate, Kris found a movie for us to watch. I was laying on my stomach when Kris decided to sit on my butt. Dean and I chuckled at her. Kris giggled, quietly, and we continued to watch the movie.

        Dean left to go to the bar at around 9:30. Kris was laying on my back, playing with my hair. I turned off the t.v. and turned my head to look at her.
        "Are you having fun up there?"
        Kris smiled at me and nodded her head. I smiled back as she leaned down and pecked me on the lips. I looked at her and pretended to pout. She shook her head and tried not to look at the puppy dog eyes that I was giving her. I could feel Kris roll off me and lay next to me on her side. I turned myself and faced her.
        Before I could blink, Kris rolled herself on top of me and looked into my eyes. I looked at her eyes then at her lips as she, lightly, bit her lower lip. Kris leaned closer to me face and skimmed her lips across mine. She, finally, kissed me but it was quick and very lightly.
        She wasn't getting away with that one.
        I pulled her to me and smashed my lips onto hers. Kris smiled as I deepened the kiss. Our lips moved in perfect harmony together. Kris rubbed her hands on my chest as my hands made their way up the back of her shirt.
        After five minutes, we pulled back, breathless. Neither of us spoke for what seemed like a long time.
        Kris closed her eyes, rested her forhead against mine before saying one word. "Wow."
        I closed my eyes and nodded. Kris turned her head and let out a small yawn.
        "Tired," I asked as she turned her head back to me.
        "Mhmm," Kris responded, nodding her head.
        "Me too." I propped myself up on my elbows as Kris gave me a quick kiss. I smiled and rested my head next to her. Kris turned over and out her nose on mine.
        "Night, Sammy," Kris said, smiling at me.
        "Night, Miss. Tease." I chuckled and Kris shook her head.
        We kissed a couple more time, they were soft and short, before falling asleep.