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To love a Bad Boy *Done*
Story published June 17, 2012 · updated February 22, 2013 · completed · 110 pages · 6,672 readers · 102,501 reads
15- cuddle with me
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15- cuddle with me

Bek's POV-
It was about 1:30 and all the guys were asleep. I looked over at Jason and he was sound asleep against the wall. I really, really like him. I wonder if he actually loves me, or just said he does to avoid getting killed...!? Hmm... He looked cold and uncomfortable so I got up from between Mike and Ty and ran up to my room. I grabbed a couple pillows and a fleece blanket and brought it down with me. I walked over to where Jason was. I threw the pillows on the floor and gently moved Jason so he landed his head on one of them. I grabbed the blanket and thought " what the heck" before laying down next to him. I put the blanket over us quickly. I felt Jason move his arms and he put them around my waist. He pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ear,"Bout time beautiful." i could sense myself blush and moved closer into him. "If you try anything, you'll be dead by morning." I whispered back. He moved one of his hands and hit my butt lightly. "feisty I like that." he practically drooled. 
"Remember what happened the last time you said that!? It can happen again!" I warned. He groaned and moved his hands and turned over. "way to kill the mood Brooks." I just giggled and turned over too, putting my arm over his waist. "You know who I am. Calm you little boy hormones." 
"Stop saying that." Jason hissed. 
"when I'm trying to be cute and flirty, you get all pervy which I hate, when I'm meaner and less G.G. like you hate me. Make up your mind." I said about to get up. 
"Don't go." Jason whimpered grabbing my arm. 
"Then shut up and let me sleep!" I whisper yelled at him. 
"Fine." He grumbled. I layed back down next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. I wiggled closet to him and put my head in the crook of his neck and kissed his collar bone before drifting off into a deep sleep. 
*4 hours later*
"Bek wake up!" really... Who is that???
"Go away whoever you are." I groaned. 
"Bek, Cupcake, get up. Now. " Andrew??? I opened my eyes and looked at up to see Andrew staring at me. 
"Whatcha want BooBoo?" I asked sitting up. 
"Shhh you'll wake it!" he whispered pointing at Jason. I stood up and walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock. 6am. 
"so what's up Andrew?" I asked obviously annoyed. 
"Why were you sleeping with it?" referencing to Jason again. 
"Cuz I like him. Alot." I stated. 
" Hes just going to hurt you! Listen to me!" Andrew shouted. 
"What's your problem?" I was mad! 
"Bek! Your like our little sister. Seriously! We don't want you with some loser that's going to hurt you! We love you Bek." he said exasperated. He walked over to me and hugged me. 
I leaned my head on his chest and let out a sigh. "This is difficult." 
"What? Loving someone that isn't a total prissy boy?" I turned around to see Jason. 
"Actually," I began. " liking someone that your six bestfriends hate!" He made a little "o" shape with his mouth and raised his hands in defeat. Then smirked, "You admitted you like me." 
" I also kissed you twice and that didn't mean anything..." I said coldly. 
" Dude, you just got burned. " JJ said walking in behind Jason. 
" I didn't know the second one meant nothing..." Jason mumbled. 
" I didn't know you were a total tool before I kissed you! Oh wait that was a lie too!" I said getting aggravated at his stupidity. 
Jason smirked again," so the second kiss did mean something." I didnt respond, instead I walked passed him to go get ready for school. I hate jerks... So why do I love him?!? I heard footsteps behind me and I turned around to find Jason, of course. I turned back around and walked into my room. I grabbed some clothes out of my closet 
 , walked out the door brushing past Jason, slid into the bathroom, and slammed the door shut. He's a jerk, that I love. But! He's also a cocky little tool. That I'm sick of. And in love with. Today im going to test him. See how far he's willing to go to prove he loves me... 
"Jason!" I whined.
"What!?" He yelled
"You and me are hanging out all day! K?" 
"Whatever you want babe!" 
"Dont call me babe...." I demanded.
"Sorry sweetie! Hehehehehe that better?" He is really getting on my nerves. I groaned and walked downstairs over to the couch where Jason was waiting for me. I jumped into his lap causing him to groan and shift in his seat.
"We are going to the mall. Got it?" I asked. He nodded and stared at me. Oh, this shall be fun. Skipping school and hanging out with a badboy. Oh god... this is not gonna be good! 

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