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No, I can't be pregnant *Austin Mahone Love story*
Story published June 19, 2012 · updated July 1, 2012 · completed · 20 pages · 7,290 readers · 82,649 reads
Chapter 12!
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Chapter 12!

...The baby looks to be a healthy baby boy." Dr.apache says. "Oh my god, no way!" Austin say's as he gets up and jumps up and down and I laugh at him. I can't believe this!! I'm going to have a baby boy! We all exit the room and walk out to my mom,michelle and Jason. "Can I Say what it is?" Ella asks and Me and Austin Nod. She runs up to them and say's "Guess what! It is....It is a Boy!" Ella screams as she hugs our mother. "No way! I swear I will teach him soccer and basketball and skateboarding!" Jason say's. 

-2 hours later-

So now we are at the store looking at clothes. "Oh by the way honey..I signed you up for a 5 month Drivers ed class." My mom say's. "But mom...what if other girls say things about me being pregnant." I say worried. "Don't worry, its a special Drivers ed class for pregnant Teens." She tells me. 

By the end we have gotten Tops,Onsies,Diapers,Shoes, Light blue paint for the walls, Bottles, Bibs, stuffed animals etc.. We haven't bought any furniture like a crib or rocking chair because were not sure How big the baby's room will be so we don't know what size stuff to get. As We drive home I see a billboard that says..

                  Teenager...pregnant? Scared of where to live? Call ***-**** and talk to Mrs.stalls and she can help get you a Cheap, Nice apartment for you and you'r baby! Call Today!

Wow...I copy the number down and plan on calling it when we get home. 

Once we get home I ask Austin, " much a month do you want to pay for rent?"  "well...Like $300-$500" he say's. wow...thats not a lot :/ We might not get such a nice place. I nod and walk upstairs and call the number.

Mrs.Stalls-Hello this is Mrs.stalls how may I help you today?
Me-Hi..I'm Amy. I saw your sign about the pregnant teen thing. 
Mrs.Stalls-Oh really? Are you interested in letting us help you?
Me-Actually yeah I am. 
Mrs.Stalls-Perfect!! So lets start.. Name?
Me-Amy Marie Winters.
Mrs.Stalls-will the father of the child live with you?
Mrs.Stalls-Do either of you have a job?
Me-yes he does, he makes minimum wage.
Mrs.Stalls-How many bedrooms do you want?
Mrs.stalls-Price range?
Me-300-500 a month. 
Mrs.Stalls-..MMk Amy, GOod news. I think I can help you. Meet me at (Fake Address here) Tomorrow at 9 and we can hunt for an apartment kay?
Me-Okay see you then!

I hang up totally excited. I run down and tell Austin all about it. "That's great!! I hope she can find us a place!!" 

-Next morning-

I meet Mrs.stalls and she takes me to a couple Different places. I'll describe each one. 

First place- $400 a month. 2 bedrooms, Dirty, smelly, rats.
Second place-$300 a month. 2 bedrooms. Dirty, smelly, broken windows. 
Thirdplace- $500 a month. 2 bedrooms. no good view, top floor=lots of staires, small kitchen.
Fourthplace-$300 a month. 2 bedrooms. bad view, rats, smelly, dirty carpets, ugly, terrible.
Fifthe place-$350 a month. 2 bedroom. Dirty, smelly, TERRIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD. 

"Ah Mrs.stalls..none of these places seem...good at all." I tell her. "Ah I see..." She say's. "Yeah...sorry I guess I will just have to do apartment looking on my own." I tell her. "Wait! theres one more!" She tells me. I decide to check this last one out. She pulls her car up to a very nice looking building in a nice neighborhood. We walk in and the apartment is on the third floor. its VERY clean. The living room is nice a spacious, lots of cabinets in the kitchen. big pantry. Off the kitchen their is a full bathroom. Then She shows me the Bedrooms. the first one is pretty big and clean. The second one is even bigger and it has a attached Master bathroom with a walk in closet! I really like this place but since its so cool..its propably expensive. "Now you probably wonder about the price..Well its really cheap actually. it's only $350 because the owners know how hard it is to be a teen parent so they make rent cheap." Mrs.stalls say's. 

"Wow that's amazing!" I say. "Yeah and Guess what? FREE WIFI, Free heat, It comes with a washer and dryer too also free Tv service! so you only pay rent and water bill." She tells me. I call Austin and tell him about it and guess what? HE TELLS ME TO GET IT!!! :) :) :D :D :D ♥ ♥