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Love Sucks! *A Jayy Von Monroe Love Story*
Story published June 20, 2012 · updated 6 months ago · 61 pages · 2,474 readers · 45,171 reads
Chapter Four~The K
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Chapter Four~The Kiss

Chapter Four~The Kiss
Jamie's P.O.V
Jayy rolled his eyes and pulled me up. He grabbed my hand and we walked to his room. Jayy opened the door,pushed me in gently,and walked in,shutting the door behind him. He rolled his eyes and pulled me to the bunk. He grinned. "Shy?" He asked me. I looked around. "Maybe," I mumbled. Jayy's grin dissapeared. He took my hand. I blushed. "You don't have to be shy around me," He said softly. I nodded. I felt my phone viberate. I jumped and stood up. I jerked my phone out of my pocket. 
Get your ass home,you pussy.

Yeah,what a loving dad. -.- I turned to Jayy. "I need to get home. I'm sorry Jayy," I said. "I'll walk yo-" Jayy started. "No!" I interupted. Jayy looked at me and stood up. He hugged me. I hugged back. "Bye Jayy," I whispered. "I seen that text. I bet that was your dad." Jayy said. I sighed. "Yeah." I said softly. Jayy pulled back and kissed my lips gently. I kissed him back. He pulled away. "Come back tomorrow,okay Jamie?" Jayy said. I nodded. "Or,if he does anything to you. If he even touches you,I want you to call me or text me,okay?" Jayy said. I nodded. Did he care? Jayy grabbed my phone and dialed his number. I saved it as a contact. Jayy kissed my forehead and I walked out. Dahvie was on the couch. "Leaving?" He asked me. "Yeah," I said softly. Dahvie got up and bro-hugged me. "Come back tomorrow. You make Jayy really happy." Dahvie said. I nodded and walked out. I ran home,but I felt like someone was following me. I ignored it and ran inside. My dad was sitting on the couch,pissed. "I NEVER SAID YOU COULD LEAVE THE DAMN HOUSE!" He yelled.