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One Bet~[Sasuke Love Story]
Story published June 21, 2012 · updated October 20, 2012 · completed · 94 pages · 19,026 readers · 279,684 reads
*~*~* Thrity-Five
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*~*~* Thrity-Five *~*~*

“Oh! Well, it’s nice to meet you, Mrs Uchiha.” I beamed, smiling so hard that I thought my cheeks were going to fall off. Trying to make a good impression was one of my first priorities here.

“I hope you don’t mind, mother, father, but would you mind if Miwa joined us for dinner tonight?” Itachi asked, and I looked to his father, who had a completely emotionless face, identical to his sons’. I could see where Sasuke got his serious face from.

“Oh, no. It’s fine ‘Tachi. I made too much for just the four of us anyway.” And at that moment, she turned to go to where I supposed the kitchen was to serve some plates. That just left awkward silence rippling around the dining room with just Itachi, his father, and me looking at each other, not saying anything.

“I’m Fugaku.” The man sitting at the far end of the table finally stated, eyed closed, a frown permanently stuck to his face. “Itachi and Sasuke haven’t stopped talking about you for the past fortnight, so I suppose I already have a good enough impression of what kind of person you are.” Oh, Jashin. Don’t tell me he was one of those parents who always scared away all of their kids’ friends by judging them and all of that rubbish. I absolutely hated that.

“Father, please-” Itachi tried to stop him, but Fugaku simply lifted up a hand indicating him to stop talking, and Itachi obeyed.

“No, no, Itachi. I’m not trying to embarrass you. But, Miwa,” He turned to me and a weird feeling bubbled in my stomach, unwilling to subside no matter how much I tried to calm myself down, “If you’re going to spend so much time with my family there’s just one thing I need to know,” He paused for a second, and I assumed it was for dramatic effect or something.

“What is it?” I tried to ask as politely as I could.

“What are you ambitions in life?” He finally spoke, his voice cold and hard like stone.

“Ambitions?” I questioned, the word spinning in my head.

“Yes, ambitions. Goals, drives, determinations, motivations. What are your plans for the future?” I didn’t actually know the answer to the question. I only said paediatrician before because I thought it would be a pretty nice job, but now, only a short time afterwards, I didn’t actually know.

“Well, I have a lot of job ideas in mind, but I’m actually not sure which direction to go in, “ I tried sounding smart, but not arrogant, as I know some people might mistake ‘smart’ for. “I might want to be some kind of doctor, but you see science is not my strong point. As English is, I might want to do something in that area. Definitely something that will bring in lots of money, though.” Fugaku rubbed the stubble formed under his chin in thought.

“She’s very intelligent, father.” Itachi spoke out, and Fugaku nodded, exhaling. I still hadn’t inhaled since I came into the room and was running out of air rather quickly.

“Good, good. Well, Miwa.” He stood up and came over to me, “I’m very impressed, considering what my sons have been telling me.” He looked me up and down one last time before sitting back down in his chair at the dining table. I took that time to exhale silently and take in a hell load of air discretely.

“Don’t worry about him,” Itachi smiled, leaning in close, “He’s always like that to people who come to our home. He just wants to make sure we’re hanging out with people of his standard, and he sets the bar pretty high. Considering you’ve impressed him, I’m very surprised, I have to say. Nobody has ever done that before.” I took that moment to mentally smile proudly to myself. “Well, I suppose I should go and see what Sasuke’s doing so long in the bathroom. I’ll be back soon.” He left, his footsteps unheard. He was more silent than a cat.

Minutes later, hot food was on the table, and Sasuke and Itachi came into the living room. “Boys, come and take a seat before your dinner goes cold!” Mikoto called from the kitchen. Itachi and Sasuke took their seats, and so did I, as far away from Fugaku as possible. He actually scared me.

“Thank you for the food!” We said in unison before digging in to the delicious, mouth-watering food.  Fried rice, Yakitori, and so much more that looked ever so appealing.

“Are you enjoying the food, Miwa?” Mikoto asked. And I simply nodded and smiled, licking my lips. “That’s good. The boys here almost never like my food.” She stated sadly and I stopped to look at her.

“Why, though? This is the best food I’ve ever tasted!” I smiled and her face brightened up a bit.

“Especially when ‘Tachi and Sasuke were babies. I always had to do something on the extreme end to get them to eat.” I had to chuckle at that and I looked to them, and they would just look to their plate in pure embarrassment.

“Why? What were they like?” I asked, a smile pulling at the corners on my lips.

“Well, if I start with little ‘Tachi first; he would never stop eating everything. He was such a pudgy baby, always overweight. He only became how he is now when he was about seven when he stopped eating dangos nonstop and instead, only one a week. You’d be surprised how…large he was. He always refused to eat fruits and vegetables, so I had to mash them up and give it to him, telling him it was special candy. Oh, I miss those days.” I put one hand over my mouth to stop myself.

“Is that true, ‘Tachi?” I kind of mocked him, and he scratched his head and choked out the words.

“Erm…Yeah.” He shifted in his seat a bit, uncomfortably and I could see Sasuke silently begging his mother not to tell me anything embarrassing about him, but I couldn’t resist.

“And Sasuke?” By now, Fugaku had finished his dinner and had cleared up and was off.

“Oh, Sasuke was just the funniest baby ever. Did you know we had to feed him until he was eight? He wasn’t as pudgy as Itachi, but was very close. He developed a love for the taste of paper as a baby and would always eat it when we weren’t looking. We had a poisonous plant in this house and he ate it, later having to go to hospital, but he was fine and everything. He would always be throwing himself off of things; you can ask him to show you all the scars he got from falling off the bed in the middle of the night as a kid. Even as a baby, he would sleep crawl, I suppose you could call it, and try and push his head through the bars of his cot, and get his large head stuck there. We once had to saw the cot to get him out.” By now we were both bursting out in laugher and Sasuke was banging his head against the table.

Wiping away the tears from laughing so much, I had to sigh to get rid of the last few giggles wanting to rise in my stomach, “I always knew you had a big head, Sasuke, but not like that.” I joked. Mikoto had cleared up the table by now, so it just left the Uchiha brothers and I.

A murmur escaped Sasuke’s lips and I stood up, “How about I walk you home?” Itachi offered, “It’s late anyway, you know the kind of people who hang about at this time.” I simply nodded, said bye to Sasuke and got guided home by his older brother. That was such a fun dinner.

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