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My Hero (Zuko Love Story) Finished!
Story published June 21, 2012 · updated July 14, 2012 · completed · 50 pages · 2,713 readers · 23,928 reads
Chapter 19
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Chapter 19

Alright, so I don't know exactly how they do weddings in Avatar, so I'm going to do it like a human does!

        Thoughts raced through my mind as the maids dashed around me, preparing me for my wedding. Was this really what I wanted? Yes, there was no doubt about that. I hadn't seen Zuko in a whole day, I was ready to go crazy. But I knew I would be in his arms soon.
        I just had to marry him first.
        Technically, I didn't have a single family member to give me away. Not that I knew of at least. I heard a knock on the door.
        I turned to see a man and woman standing there.
        "No. You were thrown off of a cliff. Right in front of me." I said.
        "We used our bending to support our fall. We survived, Alundria. And you will not marry Fire Lord Zuko." The man said.
        I shook my head, "Impossible. And you can't tell me who I will and won't marry." I said.
        Stepping back, I looked at one of the maids, "Get Hakoda.(Katara and Sokka's dad)" I ordered. 
        My so called parents stepped toward me just as Hakoda and Aang entered the room. 
        The two men went to stand in front of me. Ready to protect me. 
        Hakoda stood straight when he saw who it was. "Why send someone to get me when it's just your parents?" He asked.
        "These can't be my parents! I watched my parents get thrown off the side of the Western Air Temple. I don't want them near me. Not until I'm in the safety of Zuko's arms." I said. 
        Hakoda sighed, and nodded, Aang led the man and woman from the room, and Hakoda walked to me. 
        "It's time anyway." He murmured.
        I nodded, and took his arm, as he was giving me away.
        We walked to the throne room, and stopped at the doors. My maid of honor was Katara, Suki was my only bridesmaid, Zuko had chosen Aang as his best man, and Sokka was the groomsman. The priest was Iroh.
        I know, why pick Hakoda to give me away, and Iroh as the priest? Well, Hakoda and my father and mother knew each other when they were younger, when I learned how to control my water, I went to the Southern Water Tribe first, as I'd met Hakoda from our travels, I'd stayed with them for a few days, of course, I'd been young, and Hakoda had become like a father to me, soon enough, Iroh had decided that we needed to try the Northern Water Tribe, so we left. 
        Iroh is the priest because he's older and very wise, and he's spent the most time around Zuko and I. 

        Anyway, Hakoda brushed the hair from my eyes, and moved the veil over my eyes, "I'm so proud of you, even if you aren't my real daughter. You grew up, and are a great bender." He murmured.
        I smiled, "Thank you, Hakoda." I said.
        He smiled, and I took his arm again. We walked down the isle calmly, music matched my steps. I had to stop myself from running down the isle to Zuko.
        Finally, we got there, and Hakoda placed my hand in Zuko's. 
        Zuko took my other hand, and the ceremony went on like one usually does. 
        "Do you, Fire Lord Zuko, take Bending Princess Alundria, to be your wife?" Iroh asked, trying not to cry while he spoke. 
        "I do." Zuko said.
        "Do you, Bending Princess Alundria, take Fire Lord Zuko, to be your husband?" 
        "I do." I whispered. 
        "With the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." 
        Zuko removed the veil from my face, and kissed me. 
        When we pulled away, people were clapping and cheering, there were people from every country. Aang was supporting Air, both Southern and Northern Water tribe people were here, Fire Nation people, and Earth Kingdom people. I saw the man and woman who'd came to see me earlier standing in the very back, arms crossed, glowering. Zuko's arm wrapped around my waist, bringing my eyes up to his, he was looking at my so called 'parents' like I had been. 
        "Hakoda and Aang told me that they came this morning. Are you alright?" He asked.
        I shrugged, "I don't know what to think of it, Zuko. We watched them get thrown from the cliff, and fall to their dooms, but they are standing there, in the flesh. They didn't want me to marry you, I don't know why, but they didn't. It scares me, Zuko." 
        His arm tightened around me, "We'll talk to them later, for now, it's our wedding day, we're together, and we're married. After everything we've been through, we're still together." He murmured.
        I laughed, "Yes, we're together, and nothing will tear us apart." I said, raising my face to his.        
        He gave me another kiss, and then walked us over to the dance floor. 
        We had our first dance, and then it was time to eat.

        After everything was over and people had gone home, I settled back into his arms, "That was fun." I said.
        "Come on, let's go to bed." He murmured in my ear.
        His warm breath tickled my ear, and I giggled, "Getting a little excited, are you?" I asked, feeling his little friend pressing against my lower back.
        He kissed my neck, "You always have me excited." He answered.
        I laughed, and and turned to look at him, "We still have to talk to some people." I said, not wanting to call them my parents.
        He sighed and nodded, "I know." He said.        
        The man and woman walked in, and I stepped closer to Zuko's whose arms returned to my waist.
        "What are you doing here?" Zuko asked.
        "My daughter will be coming home with me and my wife." The man said.
        "I am your Fire Lord, you will bow to me and my wife." Zuko answered.
        The man and woman bowed and Zuko allowed them to rise, me, I'm still focused on the word wife.
        It sounded so right to be coming from his mouth.
        "Ali?" Zuko's voice brought me from my day dreaming.
        "Sorry, Zuko, day dreaming. What is it?" I asked.
        "They still claim to be your parents. To find out if it's true, we've got to get a blood test." He said.
        "Alright. I want the truth." I said.
        He smiled slightly, and led me to the Royal Doctors.
        We got the blood samples taken, and were told that it would be ready tomorrow.
        I nodded, and Zuko and I went to our room alone.
        He kissed me as soon as the door was closed and locked, pushing me toward the bed.
        I giggled, and he pulled away to kiss my neck, looking for my soft spot.
        I moaned quietly, and he pulled back to smile down at me.
        I pushed him off of me, and turned so he could get my zipper down.
        His warm breath gave me goose bumps.
        Soon, all our cloths disappeared, and he took me into a world of bliss.
        Of course, since it was my first time, it hurt at first, but he made it better with each movement.