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Conceited Jerk- A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story
Story published June 22, 2012 · updated August 5, 2012 · completed · 59 pages · 7,046 readers · 64,432 reads
Long Year
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Long Year

 I turned in the finished quiz to Iruka-sensei. He smiled at me over the homework stack he was grading as I returned to my seat. I turned my head to look at the green trees outside. News about my date with Sasuke had gotten around the school. I was slightly annoyed by the attention I was getting. I didn't really want to be popular, just the average person that people would see around school. What was today, the second week of school? I turned to look at Sasuke. We sure got together fast. He caught me staring and smirked. I slightly blushed and turned away, receiving glares from his fans. Maybe this is puberty or something. I let out a small sigh and put my head down in my arms. I really needed a break from highschool. 

~Sakura's View~ 

 I watched as Sasuke smirked at her. I frowned and clenched my fists. Things were fine untill she came along, I mean, she totally ruined everything! I also had three weeks of detention for 'bullying'. I was just teaching her a lesson. I wouldn't have thrown her or slapped her if she didn't talk back to me. It was kinda like self-defense against words. Besides, he just went on one date with her and now they're together. I mean, thats way to quick! They barely know each other and they're already a couple. I scrunched up my nose in disgust. She was totally going to pay, totally. 

~Akio's View~ 

 The bell finally rang and I bolted to social studies. I was halfway there untill someone firmly gripped my hand. "Slow down," the person chuckled. Sasuke. "Oh, hey Sasuke," I said and tried to squirm out of his grip. "Hey, no running in the halls," he scolded in a joking manner. "Who died and made you hall moniter?" I teased and stuck my tongue out at him. He smirked and pulled me to class. "Meanie," I pouted. "Shorty," he smirked. "Not short," I mumbled, opening the door. 
 Asuma-sensei noticed us and put out his cigerate in a silver ash tray. "You can get killed smoking," Shikamaru pointed to the cigerate. Asuma grinned. "Take your seat," he lit up another cigerate as Chouji opened up the windows. I sat in the back, but before Sasuke could sit next to me, a certain pinky plopped down in the chair. Sakura sneered at me as I glared at her, Sasuke not giving a flying crap. 
 Asuma started to ramble on about the first war the country experienced untill a loud boom came from outside. Everyone scrambled to look out the windows to see the marble fountain blown to bits, water spilling all over the place. We watched in silence and waited for something else to happen. For a few minutes, nothing happened.
"Everyone take your seat," Asuma-sensei said, relieved. The class slowly returned to their desks. I took a small glance out the window and slowly retreated.
"COME BACK HERE YOU IDIOT!" an angry scream lured everybody back to the windows. A feminine guy with blonde hair tied up into a half ponytail jumped out of the bushes. He had a giant flare gun in his hands. He was chasing a person with black hair, his face covered with an orange swirly mask with one eye hole.
"Tobi is really sorry!" cried the masked man, running with his arms above his head. I sweat dropped, this guy did not just speak in third person. "Apology not accepted!" yelled the blonde, aiming his flare gun at Tobi. "If you're really a substitute teacher, you don't freakin' fall asleep on duty!" the blonde fired the gun and missed, breaking a wooden bench and a lamp post. "Tobi promises it won't happen again!" Tobi jumped behind a bush and randomly pulled out a white flag.
"Nothing to see here, let's get back to notes. Asuma muttered. "Shouldn't we do something about this?" Naruto asked. "This happens all the time with the new staff." Asuma sighed, blowing a puff of smoke towards our heads. I mentally face-palmed myself, this was gonna be a long year.

Sorry for the unnecessary lateness, I ran out of ideas :P I'll try to update more often though. Thanks for reading, bye~!

Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto.