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Conceited Jerk- A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story
Story published June 22, 2012 · updated August 5, 2012 · completed · 59 pages · 7,041 readers · 64,424 reads
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 I bit into a piece of cheese cake. "How can you eat sweets?" Sasuke eyed me. "I like sweets, unlike you," I shrugged. He scoffed and leaned his head on his hand. "Hey, who do you think those two were? You know, the ones who blew up the fountain yesterday?" I asked. "Oh, them? They're substitute teachers. Itachi got them a job here." Sasuke said. "Speaking of Itachi, how did things work out between you two?" I finished the cheese cake. "Um..., he left me to study and finish school early. He was going to surprise me, but he didn't know I went to this school, so yeah, all is forgiven," Sasuke used a napkin to wipe my mouth. "That's good," I pushed his hand away. 
 "Hey, we're going to have a fieldtrip tomorrow." Sasuke said. "I know, to the zoo," I took a sip of water. "So, I need sun screen," Sasuke followed me to the trash cans. "Oh, well you can't borrow mine, it's for us girls." I tossed the tray in the trash can. "Come on, you have a gigantic bottle, share some!" he held out a hand. "No way, ask Naruto," I slapped his hand. "Have you seen how sloppy he is? He probably uses mud as sun screen." Sasuke whined. "Come on, Akio, please?" he begged. I sighed and looked my pleading boyfriend. "I love you?" he was on his knees. "Fine," I muttered. His face brightened as he jumped up and hugged me. "Thank you!" he squeezed me. "It's just sun screen," I mumbled. 


 I handed the bottle of sun screen to Temari. Tenten, Hinata, Ino, Temari, and I were slathering on sun screen for the zoo trip. We had squeezed together in the back of the bus. "Hey," Sasuke turned behind in his seat. "There's probably a mud pit in the zoo," I smiled. He scoffed and grabbed the bottle in my hands. He smeared the clear sun screen on his exposed skin, then slapped some on Naruto's face. "Here," he tossed the nearly empty bottle to me. "You all owe me sun screen," I pouted at my friends while they laughed at me. "Oh, hey Tenten, how's it going with Neji?" Temari glanced at Tenten. "Um, fine," Tenten replied, a blush rose on her cheeks. "How about you two?" Naruto turned towards Sasuke and me. Sasuke shrugged, "Fine," he replied. I nodded. 
 "Hey! Are we there yet?" Naruto called to the bus driver. "No, don't start dude." Kiba moaned from a nearby seat. "Start what?" I asked. "Whenever this idiot starts saying 'Are we there yet?' it's officially the end of the world." Suigetsu's voice emerged from another seat. "It can't be that bad..." I shrugged. Sasuke eyed me. "Oh it is," he whispered. 
 For the next half hour, Naruto had asked "Are we there yet?" every few seconds or so. It. Was. Torture. "Are we there yet?" Naruto asked for the millionth time. "For Jashin's sake, DON'T MAKE ME COME BACK THERE BRAT!" yelled the bus driver. He had purple eyes and silver hair that was slicked back. Everyone sweat dropped. The bus driver had cussed every time Naruto opened his fat mouth, but now he was going to take action. Sasuke bonked the whiskered blonde's head and scolded him to be quiet. "Don't say anything, get that through that pea brain of yours!" he whispered. 
 Everyone shut their mouths and the bus driver seemed to calm down. "What's up with him?" Naruto whispered. "You piss him off, he'll have your head in a split second," Temari whispered. "H-he's said to b-be immortal," Hinata whispered. We stayed silent and avoided the reincarnation of Dracula at the wheel. Soon, we were at the large zoo. 
 "MONKEYS!" Naruto jumped of the bus and ran to search for the monkeys. Kiba waved bye to us as he and Akamaru ran after their psycho buddy. I was buddies with Tenten, and so on. We ran off to the aquarium to look at the sharks. I watched the hammer head shark rammed into another one, causing an awkward shark battle. 
 "Hey, aren't you worried about Sasuke?" Tenten's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Hm? Why?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Um, he's partnered up with Sakura." Tenten stared at me. "Still don't get it, they're not going to try anything," I shrugged. "You trust too many people," Tenten shook her head and patted my back. I laughed and continued watching the sharks. "Oh hey! That one looks like Kisame!" Tenten pointed at a shark. Apparently, it was Kisame, in a speedo, swimming with the sharks. I sweatdropped as he waved to us. "Pretend you don't know him," I whispered and pulled Tenten away.  
 "Hey, Imma tinkle," she bolted to the bathroom and I waited outside. I found a concrete bench and sat down, resting my sore legs. Sitting in silence, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. A pink-haired girl, and a familiar duck-butt hair style. Their lips were locked together, they looked like they didn't care who saw. Suddenly, my legs weren't so sore, they seemed to move on their own now. I sprinted to the bathroom and locked myself in a small stall. 

Thanks for reading, bye~!

Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto.