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One Direction Imagines ~Part1~
Story published June 22, 2012 · updated August 2, 2013 · completed · 12 pages · 146,839 readers · 614,348 reads
Imagine- Harry Sty
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Imagine- Harry Styles #1

         You're laying on your bed when your best friend Harry runs into your room. "Aaaah!" you cry as he jumps on you. He presses his forehead against yours and smiles. "Am I hurting you?" "Nope!" you reply. You smile back at him and push him off you. He flops down on the other side of the bed, laughs, then looks over at you. "Why's it so cold in here!?" You shrug. "No idea, Haz." "Cuddle with me?" he suggests innocently. You look at his pout and can't help but giggle. "Of course," you say. "Alright, take off your clothes." You look at him, shocked. "What?" he says with a laugh. "If both of us get naked and lie underneath the blanket, the heat of our bodies will-" He is interrupted by you suddenly smacking him on his chest. He winces in pain. "Ouch!" he cries, grinning. "It was just an idea..." He rubs his chest, and you laugh."Yeah, sure."   Typical Harry. Always making suggestive comments. But you knew that's not all he cared about. He was a really sweet guy. Just a bit "out-there" at times.You get up and turn on the TV. He watches you and folds his hands behind his head, reclining while you put on yours and his favorite movie to watch together. "Cute little shorts you've got on there, love. But they'd look much better on the floor." You spin around to look at him and place one hand on your hip, then raise an eyebrow.

"You do an AWFUL lot of flirting, yanno." 
"Not my fault you've got a nice bum."
"Do you do this with all your girl friends? Hm?"
"No....I only do it with my best girl friend."

        You smile brightly at him. "Right...because I'll never think anything of it, since we're so close. I get it now." You grin slightly, then sit back on the bed. "Yeh..." he mumbles. Harry sits up and pulls you in between his legs. You lean back against his chest.Being in his embrace felt like lying on a big pillow. So warm. So comfy. After a while of watching the movie, it began to rain. The pitter patter of the water droplets in your ears started to get you sleepy toward the middle, so your eyes drooped down. Harry's cell phone rings a few minutes later, and you're awoken, but he does not notice because your eyes are still shut. "Hello? Oh.. hi, Lou.Nothing really. Watching a film. I let Y/N fall asleep on top of me. She looks quite angelic if I'm honest." A soft chuckle followed. "Don't worry, she's a deep sleeper." His voice seemed a bit nervous after that statement. "What? ...No....Oh, God, no. I'd never tell her that." Silently, you're panicking. What would he never tell you?

"Lou, it'd ruin everything. Our friendship would go down the drain. What am I supposed to tell her?......Ha, the truth!? Oh, yeh, sure. I'll just wake her up and say 'Hey Y/N, guess what? I'm completely and utterly in love with you!'....That's ridiculous. I could never." You smile bigger than ever, since you've loved him for a long time now. You just never knew what to say to him. Your eyelashes flutter open as you look up into his big green eyes. "You just did," you whisper. He looks down at you, incredibly astonished, but seconds later you turn all the way around to face him, cup his cheeks, and kiss him firmly on the lips. He is so stunned that he drops the phone on the floor and wraps his arms around you, kissing you back. The speaker button on Harry's phone had accidentally been hit when it fell. Both of you hear Louis, but ignore him. "Hello? Harry, are you there? What happened? I heard a thump. Hello!?" Harry slowly breaks the kiss and looks at you. "You sneaky little bird. You were eavesdropping!" "What can I say? I'm a baaad girl," you reply, laughing as you grip his grey t-shirt. He smirks. "Taking after my naughtiness I see." "Harry!" Louis yells. "Who's naughty!? Harry, answer! I want to know who's naughty! HARREHHHHHH!" You start to crack up, but Harry just keeps on staring into your eyes with a smirk that won't quit. "Do I get to call you mine?" he asks. "Yes, Hazza," you answer, blushing. You hear Lou's giggle. "Oooh! I get it now..."
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