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One Direction Imagines ~Part1~
Story published June 22, 2012 · updated August 2, 2013 · completed · 12 pages · 146,868 readers · 614,452 reads
Imagine- Niall Hor
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Imagine- Niall Horan #1

         "Niall......Niall stop! There isn't gonna be any frosting left, silly." He pulls the tip of his finger out of his mouth. "Sorry," he says with a smile. You two are in the kitchen baking together. "Hand me those two eggs, would you, babe?" He keeps smiling. "Are you asking me if you can hold my eggs!?" He bursts with laughter. "Niall!" you exclaim before he gives them to you. "Only joking, princess," he whispers, placing a small kiss on your temple. "Good," you say, "I thought you were being cheeky with me." You crack one egg into the bowl and he turns toward you. "And what if I was?" he asks naughtily. You look at him. "Then..." You look around, stick your hand in the flour and flick it at him. "That would happen." You start to laugh at his powdery white face. But while you're busy cackling, he takes an egg and cracks it on your head. Your jaw drops as he starts to crack up, his cheeks turning their signature shade of light red. "It's so on!" you shout. You run to the fridge and take out the chocolate syrup, squirting it all over him. He tries shielding himself, laughing incredibly hard as he grabs the eggs and throws them at you one by one. 

        There was no stopping him now. He dropped the egg carton, ran to the cabinet and grabbed the sugar as you set the syrup on the counter.  You began to look through the fridge for a new ingredient. As you did this, Niall poured all of the sugar on the top of your head. You grab the whipped cream, shake it, and shoot it all over his chest. "You even look cute with egg and sugar on your head," he says. "You really think so?" you reply, giggling. "Yep. Could you go get some towels so we can clean up?" As soon as you agreed and turned around, he pulled you into his arms. Your back smashed onto his chest and you felt cool whipped cream peek into your tank top. You shriek as his laughter fills your ears. He grabbed the chocolate syrup on the side of him and squirted it down the back of your shirt. Squealing even more from the coldness, you try to break free, but are unable to. "You're gonna get it, Nialler!" you scream. He dropped the syrup and let you go.

        Countless numbers of foods later, the kitchen floor was a complete mess. The walls were stained, utensils were thrown around. It was a mad house. But that didn't stop the fun. Niall ran to go get something else, but in the process, slipped and fell right on his bum. "Owwwww!" he cried. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay!?" You ran and tried to help him stand, but ended up taking a tumble just like he did. You fell on top of him, and he caught you. Both of you laughed it off as if nothing happened. You were both very dirty and had a lot of cleaning up to do, but none of that mattered. Not now.... Not in this moment. Because this moment was absolutely perfect. "Sorry I got all that junk in your hair," he said, kissing your cheek. "It's fine, baby! I can wash it." You get up together. He picks you up, sets you on the counter, and dips his finger in the creamy frosting. He spreads it on your lips, making you smirk. He leans in, kisses you for a while, and when he pulls away he licks his own lips. "Mmm, mm." Your cheeks turned bright pink. "We can't make a cake now....We used all of our ingredients." "I don't need that cake. I'd rather have this one." He pinches your butt as you laugh. "Why so flirty today, hun?" you ask. "Food does this to me!" he answers. Both of you chuckle together as he wraps your bare legs around his body. "We should go shower.... Can't have all that muck covering your handsome face." His eyebrows raise. "You know what, I was just about to suggest that." Smiling wide, he lifts you and carries you up to the bathroom. 

Thanks for reading.