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One Direction Imagines ~Part1~
Story published June 22, 2012 · updated August 2, 2013 · completed · 12 pages · 146,839 readers · 614,348 reads
Imagine- Zayn Mali
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Imagine- Zayn Malik #1

*Again, this one is kind of long, but it's my favorite!*

You're backstage at One Direction's concert. They're all your good friends because of Zayn. He's been your best friend for a long time, and he's the one who introduced you to the boys once they came in 3rd place during the X-Factor. You've been close ever since...but now you're much older....and you have 5 famous BFFs. They've been on tour for the longest, but being the sweet guy that he is, Zayn got you to come to the nearest concert in your area for free.

The boys are all getting ready for the show. You can hear the crowd screaming their names. It's complete madness out there. As Zayn slides on his jacket, he looks at you, his expression filled with worry. "I'm nervous," he mutters. "Nervous? Zayn you hardly ever get nervous." "This crowd is bigger than any other crowd we've had before, Y/N. What if I mess up?" "Zayn, come on, don't put yourself down like that." He gets a bit closer, his dreamy eyes piercing into yours. "I have to hit the highest notes...and if I screw up, I'm going to let everyone down." After looking into his sad brown eyes, you take off your lucky bracelet and slip it onto his wrist. You hold his hand. "You're going to do amazing. I promise you. Everyone is here to see you and the guys. No one is pressuring you. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Can you do that for me?" He gazes at you and nods. "Good." You kiss his knuckles and smile at him. He smiles back even wider. He suddenly yanks you into a hug with the hand you're holding, and you stumble into his arms. Zayn embraces you tightly, but Liam interrupts by patting his shoulder. "Zayn, we're on. Let's go, mate." Liam smiles at him, then at you. Zayn looks into your eyes one last time before he nods and heads onstage.

You rock out to every song throughout the whole concert. It went perfectly....just as you promised. When it was over, you helped the guys by wiping their sweat with a towel and handing out water bottles. You praised them by giving them all a round of high-fives and complimenting how well the show went. "You guys did incredible! ...As always..." Harry showed off his dimples. "Thanks, love." "Yeah, thanks!" Louis echoed.  "It was a pleasure havin' ya, here," exclaimed Niall. All five gave you a countless number of hugs before you left.

That night, you took Zayn up on his offer to drive you home before he heads back to the tour bus. Your house was only a few minutes away from where the concert was being held, so hey, why not? On your way home, the two of you laugh it up, having the best (and the longest) conversation you've had in a while. It felt good to catch up. Whenever you talked to Zayn, you forgot all about your problems. All of the bad things in your life just disappeared. He had all your attention. You studied his profile from the passengers seat. His eyelashes were long and his eyes were insane. His hair was perfect of course, and the light stubble that surrounded his flawlessly silk lips made him even more attractive. His voice was raspy but joyful, and the sound of it made you giddy. Although his features were prominent, he was surely a mystery. 

When he pulls up in front of your house, he looks at you. "Thank you for coming out tonight," he says. "Aw, well anything for you, Zayny." He chuckles, and your eyes meet his. Both of you lean in slowly, then stop last minute. His smile fades and he becomes serious. "I...uh..I," he studders. You can see his hesitation, so you put your hand on the door handle. "I'll get going now." "Wait," he whispers. You turn to him. "Yeah, Zayn?" you ask, chewing your bottom lip anxiously. "I...Y-You um, you forgot this." He takes your bracelet off and hands it to you. "Thanks," you reply with a fake smile. You were really hoping to get a kiss. You've been crushing on him for the longest.

"I guess he just doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for him," you think to yourself.

        You get out, wave a friendly wave goodbye, slam the car door gently and walk to your front door. Zayn quickly gets out of his car and stands in front of the passengers door, one foot on the path that leads to your home. Your key is about to touch the lock when you hear an angelic voice behind you.

"Is your heart taken?"

You turn around, and just as you were about to speak, he continues to sing.

"Is there somebody else on your mind?
I'm so sorry, I'm so confused
Just tell me... am I out of time?"

        You step forward a bit. 

Is your heart breakin'? How do you feel about me now?
I can't believe I let you walk away when..... when I Should Have Kissed You
I should've, I should've, oh, I should have kissed you
I should've, I should've, oh, I should have kissed you
I should've, I should've, oh, I should have kissed you
I should've, I should've, oh, I should have kissed you...
....I should've kissed you.

His voice slowly fades. You smile and run over to him as fast as you can. You jump on him, your legs clinging and ultimately locking around his waist. He holds you by your thighs, kisses you passionately, then smiles at you. "Come on tour with me? I can't do as well as I did tonight without my good luck charm." "The bracelet?" you ask. "No, silly. You."
Thanks for reading.