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The Skater Girl -DONE-
Story published June 26, 2012 · updated October 7, 2012 · completed · 88 pages · 21,285 readers · 372,212 reads
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Once we were all inside the house, I shut and locked the front door, kicking my skateboard to the side.  "MOM?" I called, no reply. She must be back at the studio with her other act. "JOE? ANTHONY?" I shouted into the house again. I walked into the living room with the boys and sat down lazily on the couch.

"JADE? IS THAT YOU?" I heard Joe reply, his voice slightly muffled.

"YES! WHERE'S ANTHONY?" I shouted back. I heard a loud crash from above us and looked up abruptly.

"I'M UNDERNEATH MY SHELF AT THE MINUTE!" I heard my twin brother's reply. I heard Niall chuckle and tried to stifle my own laugh.


"FINE THANKS!" Anthony replied. I sighed in relief, before turning to the boys, who had all found seats. Niall gave me a quick smile and ran his hand through his blonde hair. I returned the smile quickly and glanced to Harry who was sat next to me on the couch.

"So... What should we do?" I asked awkwardly, getting a crooked grin from Harry. Zayn's eyes glinted mischievously and he smiled slightly.

"I think we should have a game of Truth or Dare." Zayn suggested. My facial expression broke into a smile, as did Liam's. I heard Harry and Niall groan softly and Louis give a happy squeal.

"No, I think we shouldn't. You guys always go hard on me when I choose dare." Harry complained, whilst shaking his head of curly hair and flipping it to the right.

"And on me too! Why doesn't Liam get hard dares?" Niall asked, a whine in his tone. I chuckled at their childish behavior and shook my head.

"You guys are pussies, I'm sure the dares aren't even that bad." I told them. I heard Harry snicker and I frowned. "What? What are you laughing at Curls?" I asked urgently.

"You said 'pussies'." Harry replied, before bursting into a fit of childish giggles. Suddenly, I got where he was coming from and slapped his arm.

"You're so perverted!" I stated. Harry chuckled and winked playfully.

"I try." He said. I rolled my eyes at him and glanced at Louis, who had a surprisingly calm expression on his face. Then, I clapped my hands together. "So, who's going first?" I asked. All of the boys turned to face Liam,  except Liam of course. But he seemed to be expecting it, so he wasn't fazed.

"So Liam... Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked, a smirk forming on his lips. I smiled inwardly to myself before listening to Liam's response.

"Truth." Liam stated. I heard mutters of 'wuss' and 'good thinking' around the living room and raised my eyebrows for a split second.

"Okay. So... Would you rather, lick your Grandma's vag, or drink a whole bottle of urine." Louis asked. I swear I upchucked in my mouth then.

"Lou, that's gross. What goes on in your mind?" Niall asked, pulling a disgusted expression.

"Well, probably drink the urine." Liam said, and I think he had a green tinge to his face. Liam sent a glare to Louis before asking somebody else.

"Niall, Truth or Dare?" Liam asked. Niall gulped dramatically before replying to his band-mate.

"Dare." Niall stated bravely. If the dares were worse than the truths (Which they probably were) then Niall would be done for.

"Niall, I dare you, to go next-door and knock on the door. Then start singing Christmas carols. If they shut the door on you, keep knocking until you reach the chorus of your first carol." Zayn said. Niall's cheeks flushed red and he stood up.

"If I don't come back alive, Jade, sue the boys." Niall told me, earning laughed from each boy and myself. Then, he walked out of the room. Liam went with him to make sure he did it.

Niall came back with a red face and sat back down. "Stupid neighbors." He muttered, and we carried on with the game.


"So, Jade... Truth or Dare?" Harry asked me eventually. I had already licked Zayn's foot, and no offence to any of the boys, but I don't want to lick any of their feet either.

"I'm going to go for truth." I said. Harry sighed.

"Wimp," He whispered. I chuckled and shook my head.

"Only wise Harold. Only wise." I told him and patted his curls down. That got me a glare from him.

"Jade, Would you ever date one of the boys?" Niall asked. I though about it for a second. If I was okay with relationships, then I probably would, but at the moment I wasn't. If I was to answer truthfully, it would be yes.

"Yes. Yes I would," I stated. Liam gave me some raised eyebrows and I just chuckled. "Doesn't mean I will though!" I added hastily. I heard Harry chuckle from beside me and I rolled my eyes.

We carried on playing Truth or Dare, before Paul called the boys and told them that they had a radio interview in the morning so they had to come back. Once the boys had gone, I sat back down on the sofa and switched on the TV; Ready to watch 'SpongeBob'.

Just warning you, I don't own any of the pictures or lyrics involved in this story.

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