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One Direction Imagines
Story published June 27, 2012 · updated December 2, 2012 · 49 pages · 12,282 readers · 52,176 reads
Zayn Malik Imagine
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Zayn Malik Imagine

your eyes slowly flutter open and wonder around the room, you realise that you weren't in your house you quickly sit up realising that you were laying in your bestfriend Zayn's bed. But where was he? Your mind asks you. You quickly get out of bed and wonder down the stairs ''ZAYN?'' you call out. No answer. You see a white note laying on the kitchen counter, you make your way over to the note and pick it up. It reads:


could you please get dressed for me and walk straight out the door. Walk straight ;)

Love Zayn xo''

You smile at the thought of Zayn leaving you a note. You quickly run upstairs and get changed into your favourite outfit. You brush your hair, teeth and get all freshend up.

You walk straight out the door walking straight ahead when you find a white teddy bear you run upto it. There was another note. You pick it up and it read

''(YourName), i've always wanted to get you one of these huge teddy bears. Here you go ♥ Love Zayn xo''

You smile again when you here breathing against your neck you turn around to see Zayn looking over you as he was taller than you. He held another note in his hands you grab it. It read

''I need to ask you something'' you finish reading that and look upto Zayn, your eyes instantly connect ''will you be my girlfriend?'' Zayn asks you with hope in his eyes. A single tear escapes your eyes as you nod your head. ''yeah'' you say glancing from his lips to his eyes, he does the same. Within seconds your lips were crashing against Zayn's ♥ ''i love you (YourFullName)'' Zayn says pulling away from the kiss. ''i love you too Zayn Malik'' you say. You both exchange smiles and kiss again.