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The Way I Loved You; An Austin Mahone Love Story -FINISHED-
Story published June 27, 2012 · updated August 4, 2012 · completed · 43 pages · 4,459 readers · 58,027 reads
Chapter Sixteen
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Chapter Sixteen

Lizzie P.O.V~

                "Ready?"Austin asked as he set down his laptop next to mine. "Wait I need to fix my hair"I said as I adjusted my ponytail and he gave me a look. "I'm joking"I laughed and he smiled. "Lets start"He shook his head before cutting on his web cam. "Hey you guys"Austin smiled as it started recording. "Today Austin is going to do the Boyfriend tag, and he better get every question right"I smiled. "And if I don't"He raised an eyebrow. "Don't test me"I pointed him a finger at him. "Lets get this started"I pulled up the question up onto my laptop. 

"Where did we meet?"I asked. 
"We met in the airport when Alex was picking me"He said. 
"Correct. Where was our first date?"
"Our first date was at roller skating"He smiled. 
"Your doing good so far. Where was our first kiss and how was it?"I asked. 
"Our first kiss was on the porch swing at Lexus's house at 11:11 and it was great"He smiled. 
"Good answer"I kissed his cheek. "Did you know that I was the one.?"
"No, I did not know that until a month or so ago"
"What was your first impression?"I raised an eyebrow. 
"My honest first impression was 'She's cute' then it was 'She's bi-polar'. Your both"He smiled and I shoved him. 
"HEY!"I shouted. 
"Its true"He laughed. 
"Next question"I rolled my eyes. 
"When did you meet my family?"I looked up from my laptop. 
"When the four of us were having a movie night at your house"He said. 
"Yerp, OK so Do we have any traditions?"I asked. 
"Yes"He nodded. 
"We do? What is -"I said before he cut me off by kissing me. 
"Cutting each other off"He smiled. 
"Alrighty then"I laughed.
"What was our first road trip?"I asked. 
"We haven't had one yet"He said. 
"We need to fix that and Who said I love you first and where were we?"I smiled knowing the answer to question.
"You said it first, even though I wanted to say it first. I was laying in bed on my phone and you were sitting in your bed with your guitar on your lap"He smiled taking my hand. 
"That is exactly right"I smiled as he kissed the top of my nose. "What do we argue about the most?"I asked. 
"Basketball. We have yet to agree on a team"He laughed. 
"And we're not going too. Who wears the pants in this relationship?"I raised an eyebrow.
"Do you even have to ask?"Austin chuckled. 
"Fine next question"I said as I looked at his laptop and saw him mouthing the word "Me" into the camera and pointing his finger at him. 
"I CAN SEE YOU IN THE CAMERA DUMB ASS"I laughed as I swatted him in the chest. 
"What did I do?"He asked innocently. 
"You know what you did, now, 
if I'm sitting in front of the TV what am i watching?"  
"Psych or Monk"He shrugged. 
"That's my show right there"I laughed. "What dressing do I get on my salad?"
"I would actually have to see you eat a salad to know the answer to that"He laughed. 
"Fair enough, Whats the one food I don't like?"I asked.
"Um...that's a hard one...I think you like all types of food"He gave me a questioning look. 
"Close enough. We go out to eat, what do I get to drink?"
"If I was collecting anything what would it be?"
"Marvel Superhero Movies"
"I might start doing that. What is my favorite type of sandwich?"I laughed at that question. 
"A BLT"He said. 
"Cool story babe, now go make me a sandwich"I patted his shoulder. 
"Cool story babe, keep imaging"He chuckled. 
"What would I eat everyday if I could?"
" it...junk food?"He scrunched up his forehead. 
"I think so yeah"I nodded my head. "What is my fave cereal?"
"Coco Puffs"He shouted. 
"I'M COCO FOR COCO PUFFS"I  jumped up and down on my bed. 
"Oh my God"Austin laughed laying back on my bed. 
"What is my fave music"I laughed. 
"Pop and Alternative"He said between his laughs. 
"Whats my fave sports team?"I asked. 
"For football its the Pittsburgh Steelers"He wiped the tear from his eye and sat up. 
"What is my eye color and no looking"I said covering my eyes. 
"I think I've looked into them long enough to know there blue green"
"Yep"I smiled moving my hands away and he started staring into my eyes. "This is some intense eye sex"I noted. 
"OH MY GOD"Austin started laughing so hard he fell off my bed. 
"And there he goes"I looked up at the camera. 
"I'm just gonna answer the last two for him 'cause I don't think he's capable of talking"I twisted the laptop so the web cam pointed at Austin laying on the floor laughing. 
"My best friend is Lexus, and something I do that annoys him is that I'm always right. So that was the Boyfriend Tag. Withing the next few video's I'll make Lexus do the boyfriend tag with Alex, and me and Lexus will do the best friend tag. "That's all so um bye"I waved at the camera. 


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