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When I First Met One Direction (A Harry Styles Love Story) *
Story published June 28, 2012 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 226 pages · 2,630 readers · 26,795 reads
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Hey, sorry if you thought this was a chapter! I just wanted you guys to know that I absolutely love all of you reading my story and I mean I have 13 favourites! 13! It might not be that much to you but having one was just epic for me! Thank you all so much, I mean I wouldn’t have any if you guys didn’t read it! Please comment, I love seeing that people have commented! Please keep reading and tell me if you have any requests, ideas, or just want to give me feedback! I love you all and would have nothing if it wasn’t for you guys! So please keep reading and tell friends and keep favouriting and commenting! Just really wanted to say thanks again, I really appreciate every single read and reader that favourite or just read my story!


Love you all, Julie xx :)

Thanks for reading!! Please comment, favourite and follow me!!:) Love you all <3