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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles One Shots!
Story published June 28, 2012 · updated October 31, 2012 · 19 pages · 2,164 readers · 14,673 reads
Leo + Fox
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Leo + Fox

Another day
Another hour and...
Mum and Dad are still gone
I wasn't full of sadness and depression. I was full of hate and muderous thought keep on coming in my head
How can I kill him?
My parents were killed by the shredder because of me because I'm the world greatest ninja. 
My parents were the masters of ninja fighting and I was next to be the master. I was going to named as the Queen of ninjas. I know it sounds cheesy buy seriously, it's real. 
"FOX!" I heard Casey call my name
Casey was my childhood friend ever since we were kids. He has always been there for me. 
I got dressed into a Jimi Hedrix t-shirt and denim shorts and headed downstairs. 
"Whassup?" I asked
Suddenly, the turtles turned up
"We found a location of the shredder!" Casey explained 
I went back to grab my sword and headed back down to the door. Leo grabbed me from behind and said "We gotta talk about this first!" 
"Whats there to talk about? All we gotta is slice his bloody head!" I said
"Man! Your beginning to sound like Raph!" Donny said
I calmed down and Leo let go. 
Then I legit and ran to find the shredder. 

It was cold, filthy and the perfect place for a villain to hide. 
I found Shredder sitting on the ground, sharpening his swords. I was around the corner while the turtles were on the roof 
Leo lunged for him first, slicing him across his chest lightly. 
Raph cut throught the Shredders weapons. 
Don pushed him over while Mikey knocked him out. 
I walked slowly to the unconisious body and whispered "This is for my parents!"
I raised my sword and sliced his head and stabbed his heart. 
I have done!
I Have avenged my parents. 
That brought a smile on my face and fill my heard with happiness. 
I hugged the guys while we went home. 
All the guys went to sleep accept Leo and I, we continued celebrating with a load of vodka. 
"You know, Fox, your great!" Leo said
"I could say the same thing to you!" 
He smiled and looked deep Into my eyes. They were beautiful eyes. 
Soon, he startedto lean in and our lips conected to create a passionate kiss. 
I pulled away and he said "I love you Fox. Ever since you went through Casey's door!" 
I smiled and replied "I love you too Leo!"