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You're Just A Fake *Madison Alamia*
Story published July 1, 2012 · updated January 6, 2013 · 11 pages · 776 readers · 1,251 reads
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Name: Reagan Nicole Doles

Age: 13

Family: Mom, Dad died when I was three

Best Friends: Kelsey, Alyson, and Peyton

Crush: Madison Alamia (Even though he is famous)

Sports: Dance and swimming for fun

Bio: Heys guys, the names Reagan Nicole Doles.  I am 13 years young and I only have a mom.  My dad died when I was three, so I don’t remember much about him and my mom won’t ever talk about him.  I stopped asking when I was 10.  I have three best friends named Kelsey (Kels), Alyson (Aly, Alybear), and Peyton.  I absolutely LOVE dancing and being sarcastic (I wasn’t sarcastic about that he he).  I’ve watched America’s Best Dance Crew season six, season with the ICONic Boyz, yeah buddy.  My favorite is the Madison Alamia, and I play the piano too.  I love swimming too. Well my mom has big news so I have to go.  Byes.


Name: Alyson Pearl Colt

Age: 13

Family: Mom and Dad, younger brother Max he's 12

Best Friends: Reagan, Kelsey, and Peyton

Crush: Nick Mara

Sports: Cheer leading

Bio: Hey guys, I am not your stereotypical cheerleader, in fact I am very smart and not snobbish.  I am very calm and don't really assume things fast.  I am thirteen and I have the worst brother ever.  He is always bragging that he has chest hair that is grey.  I feel bad for people in his classes and his teacher.  I do in fact have a crush on Nick Mara even though I will never even get a chance with him.  My friends call me Aly or Alybear, much to my annoyance.  I have watched all of America's Best Dance Crew, and will forever be an ICONiac.  Bye.


Name: Kelsey Paige Trales

Age: 14

Family: Mom and Dad, only child

Best Friends: Reagan, Alyson, and Peyton

Crush: THE GRANDMAN or formally known as VINNY

Sport: Softball and Track and Field

Bio: HEYSSSSSSS! In my group of friends I am the craziest AND I LIKE IT LIKE THAT! I just quoted Hot Chelle Rea, hehehe.  I get into trouble a lot so I have to be sneaky and I am quite good at it.  I love the sport softball and track and field.  I really like to run.  My friends say I am the GRANDMAN/GRANDWOMEN of the group.  I guess it fits because I am really crazy like Vinny and I really like him.  SO ANYWAYS, I say that a lot, heh, so well that's it about me and I will pass of the computer to Peyton so she can introduce herself and we can get this show on the road. BYE.


Peyton Abigail Fesck

Age: 12

Family: Mom and Dad, younger brother Johnny who is five

Best Friends: Reagan, Alyson, and Kelsey

Crush: My friends don't know but Mikey

Sport: Soccer

Bio: Hey peoples, the names Peyton and I love it.  So you might hear from my friends that I don't like the ICONic Boyz, but I do.  They think that because I had my heart broken by an @$$hole when I was 10.  I know what you are thinking, I mean getting your heart broken at the age of ten, but I was stupid and I thought he was the one.  I mean I was ten that was so stupid to think that at such an early age.  I really do like one of them, and he happens to be the Mikey Fusco.  Don't judge I bet you all fell for his fake abs that he is working on right now.  My younger brother is really cute but he is really annoying.  I love him anyway. Well bye.

Being called a liar by the one you like doesn't feel good, trust me i know. -Reagan Doles