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The Lucky and the Unlucky ~FINISHED~
Story published July 2, 2012 · updated September 15, 2012 · completed · 50 pages · 110 readers · 863 reads
Devon Chandler
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Devon Chandler

Hello, hello!
Devon Chandlers the name and being sarcastic is my game!
I'm eighteen and living life!
Anyways, just wanted to say...
I love:
Having fun,
Hanging with friends,
Listening to music,
Taking longs walks to about anywhere,
And pandas!
I can also be a little mean when I don't have my alone time.
I can't be around people 24/7.
It's just impossible for me.
I like to have time to myself.
To relax.
Calm down.
Listen to music.
Yeah... I think you get the picture :)
Anyways (again) I live in the states with my mum, dad, and brother.
(By the way, my brother and I are fraternal twins. :D)
We moved here when I was about two years old.
I love it here, but I always wondered what it would be like if we did stay in Ireland.
That's right.
We used to live in Ireland.
And since I was so young I don't even remember it.
Anyways (for the third time :D) life is good.
School is almost out for the year and I'm really excited.
I'll get to hang with my friends more!
Only about one more week until I'm out.
I don't hate school.
I'm actually an all A's kind of kid.
I just need my summer.
Like REALLY bad.
Later loves ;)

Hello there!
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