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Why you bully a Princeton from mindless behavior love story
Story published July 4, 2012 · updated July 19, 2013 · 5 pages · 2,058 readers · 18,674 reads
chapter 7
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Chapter 7

tara & ray

ray:hey babe


ray:do you have a brother

tara:yeah his name is Cory hes in college why

ray:well he called me out of my name

tara:omg what he called you

ray:an ugly skinny girl like i know am skinny and i look like a girl cuz of my hair but ugly at lest call me pretty!

tara:ok 1 that was gay what you said 2 wth and 3 why the hell he said to you

ray:will i was walking in the mall on day

ray:*singing*got for my baby for her bday yea aw yeahhhhhhh

Cory:*with his boys*you a lesbian guh 


ray:um no am a boy

Cory:oh well whos your girl

ray:Tara shes so fine

Cory:*mad*you mean my sis!


Cory:listen here you ugly skinny girl you stay away from my sis ight!*grapes him by the shirt and left him up*

ray:*sacred out his mind*ight, IGHT

Cory:*laughing* HAHAHAHA *drops ray*


Cory:*walkes away*

guys:*walkes with him*

ray:man what a DICK!



TBC what will she say?