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War Of Love *Larry Stylinson
Story published July 5, 2012 · updated 11 months ago · 51 pages · 2,880 readers · 20,216 reads
Chapter 10<3
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Chapter 10<3

                      Heighly's P.o.V

          'He's not kissing back. He's not kissing back. Why isn't he kissing back?!' I scream to myself as I pull away from Liam. 

             "H-Heighly..." He stutters. "I-I..." He trails off as his gaze goes down to our intertwined hands. 

              "S-sorry." I stutter, dropping his hand, causing him to look up at my. "I-I..." I make eye contact with him again. "Sorry." I whisper before running off to a different part of the park. 

                     Louis's P.o.V

            I lean against the car and run a hand through my already mussed hair. What was that? Were Harry and I really about to have sex on a bathroom floor? What? Does he really like me? I shake my head and continue to mess with my hair until I hear a deep voice calling my name. 

                   "Louis!" I look up to see a smiling Harry jogging up to me. I open my mouth to say something to him, but my words get caught in my throat as he wraps one arm around my waist, placing a hand on the small of my back, using the other to cup my face, and pulling me into one of the most amazing kisses I've ever had. 

                 "Well, hello to you too." I breathe once we pull away. 

                  He gives a small chuckle and pulls me into a hug. "I love you, Louis." He whispers in my ear. 

                    "What about Heighly?" I ask. 

                       "We broke up." He answers with a smile. "Turns out we both liked someone else." He adds with a wink. 

                         "So...where does this leave us?" I ask cautiously. 

                         "I think this leaves us with an unanswered question. Louis William Tomlinson, will you do my the honor of being my boyfriend?" He asks with a smile, revealing those dimples that I love so much.

                   "Hmmm...I don't know." I answer, tapping my chin in a pondering matter, smiling as I watch his smile drop a little. "Who am I kidding, of course I will be your boyfriend Hazza." I say, kissing him quickly on the lips.

                   I smile as Harry presses our foreheads together. "Best day ever." He grins.

        A/N: Hey guys, it's Savannah again :) Sorry the chapter was short, I just didn't wanna keep you guys waiting for so long on the cliff hanger I gave you, but I'm gonna give Alicia the chance to do the next few chapters if she wants them, this is her story after all. Sorry again that it was so short. I hoped you liked it; Harry and Louis are finally together! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!

      Oh and can you guys do me a teensie weensie favor and check out my other stories? I'm trying to see if my Ziall story can get to 200 hearts before I finish it and I only have about two chapters until I do so and I'm only at about 186 hearts now. It would honestly mean a lot of you could help me out with that. Thanks! 

       See ya guys!!!